The merry message reached Marie-Louise Eta shortly before Christmas at the Hamburg airport, in the middle of the queue before the passport control. Finally, it was in the digital mailbox, the desired e-mail from the DFB to your application for the pro-license course. The joy of dance on the commitment to the highest coaching training at national level had to wait in the midst of the other passengers, the FFP-2 mask hidden the wide laugh below, but the next journey started at that moment.

Everything started in Dresden, the early passion for the sport, the start of the club car. At the age of 13, she completed a trial at Turbine Potsdam – and suddenly it quickly went fast: the first of three championship titles with the B-Juniors as a year-old player 2005, the profit of the U-17-EM 2008, the leap in the Bundesligacader In the same year, the first championship 2009 and the titles at the U-20 World Cup and the Champions League 2010. But the operating times in Potsdam were less, shortly after the change to the Hamburger SV 2011, the club moved back its women’s department from the Bundesliga. This was followed by stations at BV Cloppenburg (2012 to 2014) and Werder Bremen (2014 to 2018) – and the career end of 26 years.

Hard application process

The dream went on to the association level. In autumn 2019, ETA got the request from Britta Carlson from the Women’s National Team Staff, parallel as a co-trainer to look after the U-19 women at the DFB. After a year there she moved to the U-15 junior as co-trainer of Bettina Wiegmann, only parallel to the job at Werder, since this season mainly. In Bremen she has since still co-trainer of the U-15 juniors.

Two and a half months after the embassy at the airport, early March: ETA is located in the restaurant of a hotel in Cologne-Junkersdorf, the tables are covered for breakfast the next morning. Especially you and your course colleagues have tracked the game between the FC and Hoffenheim, the day on it, they will be in the second presence block for the first time in the square. That she has done it through the hard application process, that’s still something surreal.

21. March 202201: 40: 26 hours

KMD # 124 – Danny Röhl

High visit this week at KMD! The co-trainer of the German national team Danny Röhl is guests and speaks in the podcast for the first time in detail about his role as a wizard of Hansi Flick, the extremely successful common time at FC Bayern, his cometary rise in the world’s top football and His ambitions for the future. Of course, Alex and Benni plow themselves through the expired Bundesliga weekend, discuss with message reached reporter Patrick Kleinmann over the game break in Bochum and have an important announcement to make: KMD Goes Twitch! And on 30 March for a good cause. All information is in the new edition!


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The new application process with points for your player intervals, the coach inner career and the Bachelor’s degree in sports management came to meet her, she was invited to the theoretical and practical fitness test at the sports school Hennef at the beginning of December.

Above all, it was a successful day, ETA was selected as one of 16 people as the only woman. Since the end of February, the course is now running, two presence events in Frankfurt and Cologne already existed, the next follows in early April in Freiburg. If it speaks of the start, it still sounds euphoric.

Complicated future prospects

And in Cologne, it was finally in practice, finally on the lawn. Between practice blocks, the application phase takes place, in which contents are implemented in the club. ETA has worked out and carried out a unit with the U 19 by Werder Bremen, the video is analyzed and commented on a platform of the course participants and the trainers. And in your private environment, she gets feedback, her husband Benjamin Eta is also coach, currently at the Oberligist Bremer SV. He also applied for the training.

This also applies to communication within the year, which will meet again and again until the end of the course in March 2023. That ETA is the only woman should not play a special role. Nevertheless, their future prospects are other than those of male colleagues in the course. At all competence, a job as chief trainer in a men’s profite team is still in 1522 still in a distance.