T1 and ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk shakes up the past five years and once again plays the final stage of the international competition. Since 2019, he has given 3-0 revenge to the G2, who has been harassing them, and has advanced to the 2022 mid-season Invitational (MSI) final.

Fierce workshops continued from the beginning of the first set. In order to check the opponent’s Gallio, ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk chose mid-tristana for a long time, and to counter this, the G2 took out a combination of support pike, jungle Jarban and Mid Gallio. In six minutes, the T1 and G2 recorded a four-to-two kill score, and the T1, which won the messenger around nine minutes, pushed the mid to the second round, opening the gold difference to 3,400. The G2 also responded to the bottom dive and chased a little bit by raising the doublek.

Since then, the T1 has continued to operate relaxed based on gold difference. Without the second messenger, he pushed out the entire line turret, and the Gold difference was made with a good wings. After 18 minutes, the G2 engaged in the Red Jinyoung jungle against Jaya, but T1 won the T1 in Hanta as the T1 was nicely fed.

After 21 minutes, the T1, who won the Baron Nest and beat Hanta, finished the game by pushing Baron. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk’s Trigestar Naga was a game from Pick to the game.

The two sets were fierce vanpic just after the outpost. The G2, who picked the Blue camp, took all the tanking and initiating with the top sion, and the T1 was taken with LeBlanc and Yathylus, showing a surprise pick.

Just before the start of the line, T1 walked in Initia against Ari and saw a big benefit as he succeeded in dive. Although Nautilus was caught in the process, it was obviously not small because the opponent’s mid and the jungle used the flashing. Based on this, the T1 went around more comfortably and moved to take the lead in the line. Based on this, the T1 continued to engage in the bottom of the 11th minute, and Jaya pushed the bottom turret against Aelios first, spreading the gold difference to 3,000 in 12 minutes.

The G2 was not just hit. While the T1 continued to benefit from the operation, he did not miss the gap and succeeded in cutting off the enemy. In particular, the movement to predict the play of the opponent LeBlanc was fantastic. However, as soon as the G2 went ahead of Killscore, the first hit in front of Baron, the T1 succeeded in spreading the gold to 7,000, with the ace of agile movements and the personality of the team members. Later, in 29 minutes, LeBlanc of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk beat her opponent with her movements. Eventually, the T1 pushed the main team based on the growth car and won the second set.

In the third set, the G2 cast a top four van to prevent Zeus, and brought Nocturne and Right. In that situation, the T1 completed the combination by selecting a top nar who has a low tier since Jaya, Lisin and Renata Sunpic, but can be played even in survival and Hanta. In the early seven minutes, T1 continued to respond well to the emotional play of the G2, which had no achievements. In particular, the G2, which had collapsed the bottom line, repeated the use of the ultimate of Nocturne to avoid the situation, and each time the T1 was nicely accepted and opened the kill score.

Similar situations have been repeated afterwards, and the game has been rolled up to the operation of the T1. It was only 16 minutes since the game began, with a kill score of 15: 2 and Gold differences nearly 13,000. In the meantime, Zeus was a super-play that was resurrected by using Renata’s emergency relief through the four enemies of the minors, or two kills against five people. He ran as if he was proud of his form, even in the top four vans. Eventually, in 20 minutes, T1 won the game and won the game and finished the game.

The G2 boosted the performance that had collapsed in the rumble stage, but lacked sophistication. The first set was consistent with no cope, and the three sets were caught in their emotional play. At the same time, the second set of tensions showed his strength in the amazing concentration and their long-term Hanta, but they were overwhelmed by the personal skills of the T1 players. The opponent was strong enough for the G2.

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T1, on the other hand, broke both opponents and play, and won more overwhelming victory than RNG yesterday. In terms of operation, it was as dense as always, and in front of the object, which was pointed out as a weakness, it showed completely overcoming Banpic’s supplement. Kuma Yushi Lee Min-hyung, who was shaken for a while at the Rumble Stage, was revived through Jaya, and Kerry Ryu Min-seok continued to show his stabbing initia.

The game of the game was ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk and ‘Zeus’. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk hit the enemy Jarban Galio with Tristana in the first set, and in the second set, he captured Ari, the pick of the best tier tier, and in the third set.

‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk replied to the victory’s impression, “I am happy to win more than the fact that it is good to win 3-0,” he said.

Zeus Choi is the team’s constant and has always won the game. Even in the second set, he played the game for the first time in the tournament, and he played the game as a nar in the third set of four vans. I was impressed with the confidence and performance that I couldn’t think of being a rookie.

‘Zeus’ Choi Je-je said, “I played a game with a comfortable mind, but I was victorious.”

T1 will face RNG in BEXCO, Busan on the 29th. As the finals are completed, one team can win the title of MSI’s first three championships. ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung said, “I think it’s going to win very easily,” and ‘Fall’ Choi Sung-won said, “We will be able to cope with the RNG exhibition from the group stage. I showed it.