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How Tempest Update For Phasmophobia Affects The Game

Tempest updates for Homophobia makes numerous changes to the game process and adds several new graphic options.
Our leadership summarizes these changes and new functions in the notes to the patch for the Tempest Major Update V0.

Homophobia Tempest update-all the main changes and functions

The storm update for Phasmophiba contains many changes, but the most noticeable are the changes made as a reward for non-standard complexity and investigation.
Other noticeable changes include GHOST processing, graphic parameters and a festive event called Holiday 2022. Here are the most noticeable of these changes:
Awards and changed complexity The most significant change in update V0.8.0.0 is that cards with user complexity received an 80 percent decrease in all awards.
To cope with the 80 percent reduction, the investigations now receive more awards and bonuses for the performance of certain tasks.
Here are changes and bonuses for investigations:
Payment page in Journal to highlight awards
Bonus for the correct determination of the ghost and escape.
Successful performance of the following actions will bring more awards at the end of the missions:
Identification of the ghost.
Getting bone.
Fill in the magazine three-star photographs.
Awards for secondary goals are reduced to make room for new awards.

Processing of the Plasmodia Tempest update ghost

Some elements of some ghosts have been changed or processed in the up station of Tempest.
Here is a complete list of all the changes made to Ghosts in Phasmohpbia:
The model of the hunting ghost is synchronized between all players.
Hunting ghosts act at the same distance as equipment.
Radius will influence the light at a distance of 15 m, while other ghosts will remain at a distance of 10 m.
Now the ghosts never step in a salt heap.
Oak has a six percent chance to change the shape and shape of the ghost when he flickers.
OACI has at least one guaranteed chance to change the form.
Revenants no longer slow down instantly after losing the field of view of the players.
Ohio will no longer change their room and wander over long distances.
Hunt’s cold breath now plays in any room during the hunt, but only if the switch is turned off.
Yuri no longer use their abilities if there is no door in their room.

New Homophobia Tempest updates

In addition to changes in rewards and development, Plasmodia received new functions with new graphic improvements.
If you want to check all these new opportunities, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with official notes for a patch for homophobia.
Added new fog graphics.
Locations begin with a temperature between 10-18 °C and begin at the same temperature as clear weather (8-15 °C).
New weather at dawn.
Occlusion parameter of the surrounding space of the screen.
Smoothing parameters.
Option Fidelity 1.0.


New Festive event for homophobia

In general, the Tempest update for Homophobia is a rather large update that adds many functions, changes and corrections, including a new holiday update.
The event Holiday 2022 sets the players the task of completing a number of tasks, and the award is a new festive icon as well as a trophy.
Below are the goals of the event Holiday 2022.
Enter every location with a festive sticker and complete it at least the average complexity-it seems that there are only seven locations with festive stickers.
Gather six cookies and place them next to the ghost to feed it after putting the cookies on the plate.
Correctly determine the ghosts on all holiday maps with stickers and leave them alive.
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(December 2022).

How to use Decimal – Triangle Strategy Unit

Each character in Triangle Strategy is built in its own way. Each of them has unique skills, the benefits of the terrain and a variety of applications depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are excellent for Pharma coins or items, but they should not be used for battles on the main scene.

In this guide, we will teach you to use decimal fraction Dancing machine.

Guide for decimal symbols

Mathematics can confuse you, but the decimal fraction is a pretty good unit of measure. Small maps or cards where you plan to lure the enemy to yourself. All his skills territorial effects in the range of ten tiles **. So, while he does not go and all allies and enemies are within reach, he is pretty broken.

For example, the goal [HP3] will apply magic damage throughout the region to each unit, whose current HP is divided into three. Meanwhile, the goal [HP5] is magic plus instant murder if you are lucky. All his attacking skills magic by the way, so make accessories that enhance magic on it.

Of course, to compensate for your inferiority, Decimal does not generate TP every move naturally. However, while he does nothing for one move, he generates three TPs automatically. This means that he just needs to relax every one or two turns.

You can also use Decimal in commands with zero TP (that is, teams in which there are no such characters like Julio and Medina). He has a skill that can increase strength and magical attacks of all allies who have no teleports.

Encouragement and class improvement

Expand priorities Weapons strength Updates for Decimal. On the second weapon rank, you also unlock the improvement in the Damage Up for the target [HP3] , since more numbers is divided into three. After that, you can focus on HP and Defense updates.

Decimal does not require unlocking the third rank of weapons if you do not have extra resources. It contains the ability to apply magic damage any enemy on the map whose HP are divided with seven . Range _ is incredibly large, but the cost of Tp is the same. In addition, not many numbers are divided by seven.

Triangle Strategy COMPLETE Unit Guide - All Recruitments, Skills and Weapon Trees Explained!
You can leave the elite update of Decimal finally, and, in fact, it will be only to enhance the characteristics. The skill that you unlock with the update is the target [Height + 5] , _ is also not bad – the truth is just on the heights cards. As the name follows, it can damage all enemies within reach, which are located on five cells above it.

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Cooper Carbine Warzone unlock this is how you get the new assault rifle of the 1st season

Call of Duty Vanguard and War zone Pacific Season 1 is there, and that means you can unlock a handful of new weapons to enhance your arsenal (as if it were not big enough…) New Caldera card.

In Season 1, you can pick up a new short-range assault rifle, the Cooper Carbine, which is considered as a rival of the machine. With more recoil as its rival, but higher loss of damage, it will not only worry the machine, but also some of the best SMS from War zone. By the description alone, it reminds us of the fare from Black Ops Cold was that once was one of the best war zone weapons, so it looks rosy for the Cooper.

But how do you shut down the Cooper Carbine in War zone Pacific Season 1? How long will you grind until you can try this close-range fueling yourself? All information about the new assault rifle here.

Cooper Carbine War zone unlock


The Cooper Carbine can be unlocked for use in War zone from reaching level 15 with the Battle Pass for Season 1. This is available for all players as it is one of the free stages in the Battle Pass.

If you do not create it for some reason to reach Animal 15 before Season 1 is completed, the Cooper Carbine will probably be unlocked later via a challenge in the game.

It’s that easy. Grind a bit, and you could be the proud owner of a Cooper Carbine in Season 1 of War zone Pacific. Will this new weapon be served in Caldera Chaos and become part of the War zone Meta? We have to wait and see.

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