Why Some People Are PISSED At Elden Ring
With each new fromSoftware game is inevitably discussed about the degree of difficulty. Easy mode is strictly rejected by many fans. The most popular mods for Elden Ring now show that the controversial feature is not so unpopular.

Elden Ring: Many players use Easy-Mode

Is there a “right way” to play Elden Ring? There are many opinions in the Dark Souls Community ** for this question. The desire for Easy mode is often considered in this discussion with rejection. However, the final decision is no longer just the developer from Software.

On the Nexusmods page, there are countless mods for Elden Ring, which can completely change the game. A search for the most popular fan creations reveals here that a Easy fashion is apparently not so unpopular . Just three of the five most popular mods make the game easier for one or the other way. (Source: Nexusmods) “Easy Mode for Elden Ring”, for example, halve the damage you take and lets you strike you 20 percent more. More than 32,000 players have already downloaded the mod. (Source: Nexusmods)

ELDEN RING can be easier or heavier with mods

The mod “ELDEN RING ULTIMATE TABLE” goes even further. Although not every function is designed to make the game easier, but you can, among other things, customize your values at will, get more loose from opponents or shape the parry easier. Here even more than 110,000 players hit. (Source: Nexusmods) Off the top 5 there are other examples such as automatic regeneration of life points or the ability to help you of bosses.

Ultimately, Mods are a fantastic way to play Elden Ring exactly as you want it . However, you should definitely play in offline mode and keep an eye on the other specifications of the mods. While many fans get such their Easy fashion, others make the game even heavier and let opponents still strike harder.