Science and Technology Information Tank Bride, Broadcasting Communications Commission, President The 4th World Revolutionary Committee completed the first work report of the 20th President’s Acquisition Committee on the 24th. The National Science and Technology Research Association (NST), and the National Science and Technology Research Association (NST), has also been reported to report on the national science and technology council.

In addition, the Nuclear Safety Committee, and the National Intellectual Safety Committee in the Science and Technology Kyung Wook,

Starting the business report of government organizations in ICT and Science and Technology, the new government’s relevant policy promotion direction is started.

On this day, the work report was achieved to the level of conjugation before selecting a highly discussion, such as the selection, reorganization of the organization. Yoon Suk-yeol, this innovation is characterized by a part of a part of the civil collaboration in accordance with the basic idea that the government is led by the private sector and the government should support it.

Government officials who have participated in the acquisition and the reported government officials have made it extremely. As a result of reflecting the internal atmosphere that the argument discussion is individually known to the outside, it affects the policy.

Nevertheless, a plurality of officials said, “The first report was held in the top of the company, and the first report was conducted on the incoming atmosphere, and” said the first report on the incoming practice, “and said,” I will be divided through “

Among the commitments of Yoon Suk-yeol, the discussion of the implementation and legislation of the President of the President of the President of the Republic of Yun Seok-yeol and the Installation of the National Science and Technology Committee is the point of discussion.

The Operation Department was to investigate the discussion of the Pfil Pausing Committee to enhance the comprehensive coordination of the technical association, and to strengthen the comprehensive coordination of the technology associated with the technology approval.

In addition to the 4th Industrial Revolutionary Digital Economic Revolution, the Digital Economic Frequency, Digital Core Industry, such as Artificial Intelligence, Software, 5G · 6G, etc., Carbon neutral, such as strategy core technology, has been discussed.

In the present issue, the National Data Policy Committee on the National Data Policy Committee, under the Normal Law of Data, and the secondary flight test of Nuri-myeon was covered by the main discussion.

The fourth depth took charge of the Pfi Data Policy Control Tower has been discussed for data policy measures.

Finally, the last work reported on this day reported on the need for integrated media laws. We promote the enactment of audiovisual media service law to fix old media related laws. In response to the digital warning age, we believed to be a major work.

In addition to science and technology education and acquisition committee, there was also two minutes of the economy as an ESG specialist in the acquisition and Dr. Yu Woo-hwan.

The ICT industry officials said, “Park Sung-jung, a member of the ministry, is already grasped by the National Assembly of the National Assembly, I looked at the mouth.

“After all the work reports of all departments, after the acquisition process of the acquisition, and discussing the additional discussion will begin to discuss additional discussions,” The discussion of the reorganization of the organizational reorganization is the problem of revision of the government organization law, The opinions of the government are prioritized, but it seems to have a sympathy of the tongue, “he added.”

Meanwhile, the work of the work of the acquisition to the Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS) and the Broadcasting Culture Promotion Association has been discussed, but it is an atmosphere that is not considered to report on business reports.

“KBS and Visitors can not force work reports because they are not government organizations,” said the spokesman for the Launchman Labor, said, “

The number of the acquisition is the atmosphere of considering the form of conferences, when the conference is to discuss the form of conferences. However, the form of a meeting is also a status of the state.