In the Hogwarts Heritage in the southern wing of the castle there is a puzzle with a map, which can only be opened with a certain spell.
That’s all you need to know to solve a cartographic riddle and find out what is actually inside the room hidden behind it.

How to open a wall with a map of the southern wing in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts have many secret rooms and secrets scattered across the castle of the Academy.
However, unlike most puzzles in early games, you can stumble on the wall of the map on which none of the main spells works.
Open the southern wing in the wall map, you need to go to the Versus spell.
The magic attack is unlocked to the task of Professor Sharp I quest, in which you get a concentration potion.
As soon as you have a spell, direct your wand in the button above the map and the cast of the desultory composition for it.

After pressing the button, the card will automatically turn around, opening the corridor hidden behind the wall.
Inside the secret room is a chest that gives you a cosmetic object, experience points and a puzzle with a Hogwarts Heritage Moth.
Before leaving the shelter, be sure to take a note, that is, on the right side of the room.
The message shows the second wall puzzle with a card on the third floor that students use to hide the supply of alcohol.
After you opened the wall with the map, it will automatically remain unlocked forever.

Just pass by them again to activate the animation of folding the card.

where to find a wall with a card in Hogwarts Legacy

The fastest way to find a quick journey into the flame of the fireplace in the courtyard of the clock tower in the deformation point in the wall wing.
Once there, get out of a small door next to the fireplace flame and run along the outer bridge.
Now you will find a map on the left wall after entering the door at the end of the bridge connecting two locks of the lock.
To obtain additional information about the Hogwarts Heritage, read all the potions, their ingredients and information about where to find them in the Hogwarts heritage, here, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.