Capstone comes back to Hearthstone.
When the mindset Panoramas is released on February 15, the players are four powerful legendary minions, seven new dual race sewers, and death
You can meet 38 new cards, including the Knight’s job card.
In addition, this patch includes the final update of the Mercenaries, which will lead to a mythical stage of the beads of the mercenaries.

As Tax Rama’s joins the Rich King’s march, the battle of Silver mun, which is the background of the expansion pack, is more intense.
The Tax Rama’s RO Mini Set, which consists of a total of 38 new cards, contains four legendary minions, including the first knight minions of death, Frost Queen Sindragosa, with the first mixed rune.

In addition, the Construction District, a dictation-only place of death, is opened, showing exquisite synergy with seven new dual race sewers.
The other side of the Blood Elf camp is also abundantly contained by players for players.

The mercenary team, a collective RPG experience in Hearthstone, introduces Mythic Boss Rush, a new end game content that informs the completion of the mode, along with six new mercenaries.
The player can hire six new mercenaries to the party to beat the heads that are flocking and to be honored.
The myths of the myths are initialized every week and the new head is unlocked every day, so it can be rewarded by testing the limitations of mercenaries.


In addition, double races appear in the mercenaries, and the camp system is introduced accordingly.
In other words, it can show synergy of various parties such as human-undead, spirit-beasts.
Many existing mercenaries are also applied to camp flags such as explorers, corps, empire, scourge, and pirates, and are also linked to the Horde and Alliance camps to expect fresh linkage in ability, equipment and treasures.

The new nose-type item is added.
MARION’s claim, MARION, is included in the bundle of death and a cute yogi mascot, and NEWSY is included in the Black Wizard Bundle, and both can be purchased in the store.

For more information about the mini set with Tax Rama’s, please visit the official blog post.