Few franchises can inspire astonishment as Harry Potter has done, so, of course, fans want to play Hogwarts Legacy as soon as possible to experience the magical title of open world.
If you ask how you can participate as soon as today, you are in the right place;
Here is everything you need now on how people can play Hogwarts Legacy early.

How do Hogwarts Legacy people already enjoy?

Like many modern games, Hogwarts Legacy offers early access to players: if you reserved the physical collector’s edition or the digital luxury edition, it has three days of early access, or four days if the region of its PlayStation or PlayStation store changes
Xbox to New Zealand.
The most difficult part is to find out what time of the day on February 2.
On January 6, 2023, early access begins in your time zone, so see the list below.
Pacific time: 3 a.
East standard time: 6 a.
GMT: 11 a.
CET: 12:00 p.

STI: 16:30
CST: 7 p.


  • Summer schedule: 20:00
  • ADT: 22:00
    If you just bought the standard edition of the game, this trick works on February 2.
    9, 2023, at the same time.
    There are many opportunities to see the popular Twitch Streamers play Hogwarts Legacy, so you can still experience some magic from the beginning and gain rewards.
    Hogwarts Legacy officially launches on February 2.
    On October 10, 2023 for fifth generation and PC consoles, but was delayed for Switch until July 25, 2023.
    That is all we have in playing early legacy.
    Check out some of our other Hogwarts Legacy contents to prepare for the magical wonders that await you.
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