Crisis Remastered benefits from the additional power of the PS4 Pro and offers two graphic modes to its users.
As revealed on the Microsoft Shop, the game gets here on July 23 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Change.


As revealed by the interactive saber CTO Anton Ruskin, the game will work much better on PS4 Pro compared to the basic PS4 model, and here is how.
Crisis Remastered is supposed to present two various graphic modes, and this occurs just on the half-generation consoles.
The PS4 PRO will first treat it in a resolution mode, which will have a vibrant resolution varying from a minimum of 1440p to 4K to 30FPS.
The 2nd is an efficiency mode, which will be presented at a resolution of 1080p.

The frequency of images has not been disclosed, but we anticipate it to be unlocked and go for 60 images per second when possible.
The original PlayStation 4 model will operate instead at 30 frames per 2nd and, although the resolution has actually not yet been exposed, it is certain to state that it will be locked at 1080p.
The main objective was to bring the initial video game to the new generation of equipment and improve the graphics of the video game, Ruskin informed the main PlayStation in August.
Subsequently, the team focused less on the modification of the gameplay and balancing, but rather on the implementation of visual enhancements.
That stated, the first screenshots that left Microsoft Shop seem rather frustrating, despite the great property.