Some time ago we had taken you on a little fond memories journey into the past and in memories that every veteran MMO gamer understands.
We reviewed our MMO profession and remembered our first character, the first guild or the first hard-won success.
We experienced a lot of these very first times in our extremely first online adventure.
Accordingly, we like to reflect to this first game with which we have lost our proverbial virginity.
Update from February 3rd, 2023: It has actually been more than 7 years ago that we have actually retained ourselves to our MMO starts.

Matze is now part of the crew, and we have definitely also won one or the other new reader.


Factor enough to update this short article from September 2015 and ask you again for your extremely personal MMO starts.

the very first MMOs of the Toughies.

Some of you wrote to us that you right away read our special for eternity: these ten memories of every MMO veteran have had old videos and screenshots out, and in the days afterwards we often remembered our personal beginnings.
With which online role-playing video games did everything actually start with the editors?
The Ollie Karsten needed to know exactly, asked the whole group and loaded the Toughies’ responses into the following gallery.
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The editorial group remembers its very first MMOs: Matze’s entry into the MMO world was economically identified: paying monthly?
OFF, no chance.
That’s why he was captivated by Guild Wars 1 screenshots and cover looked excellent.
And that was enough as a trainee in the mid-2000s.
From then to today day, Guild Wars has stayed the consistent, now with part 2nd [Source: Rubbed] ## What was your first MMO?
As you can see, there are many old-serving MMO veterans in the editorial group, which have actually been romping in different fantasy worlds for practically twenty years (and even more).
But what about you: have you been there for a few years or are you pursuing the category right from the start?
With which online adventure do you make your first spores?
Inform us in the comments that was your first MMO.
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