BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga in the live ticker at the end of the video game

Conclusion: This is how Borussia Dortmund clearly won the home game versus SC Freiburg 5-1
Certainly the early dismissal against Kilian Sildialli (17th) had a unique meaning from the visitors’ point of view, but the house side was already exceptional at that time
With one more male, the yellow and black were completely the say, identifying the action over the entire video game
The interim payment quickly before the break could indeed be considered a slip or lucky shot of the Brasher
This did not impress the BVB, which finally set the course after the restart and extremely passed the matter to the end
The sports club had no chance and was still well served with the five objectives

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading-2

90. +1.: Right away afterwards, referee Robert Schröder ends the pressure on the square
90. +1.: Half left from the edge of the charge location pulls Mahmoud Aloud off with the roe deer, shoots simply over the crossbar

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacement at SC Freiburg

88.: An annoyed Lukas Ruler goes down with the guests
To do this, Manuel Guide has to deny the last minutes
With the gamers of gamers, we are through for today
87.: The ball free of charge kick is available on the left of the penalty area grind
This is an appealing position
Giovanni Reyna tries Be’s directly to the long corner
This time Mark Weekend AS Ding can be found in time and grabs
84.: That doesn’t need to be completion yet
The BVB continues
The fans spend an actually amusing afternoon-if they do not originate from Freiburg

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for BVB

Borussia Dortmund was handling the same scoring SC Freiburg today
In the end, BVB rolled over the Braggers 5-1
Sebastien Haller commemorated his premiere
At SPOT you can check out the game in the live ticker
Emotional premiere for Sebastien Haller, which Bavaria put under pressure: Borussia Dortmund continued the catch-up in the Bundesliga in the Bundesliga thanks to his striker
The group of coach Edwin Eric celebrated the fourth triumph in a row in 5: 1 (1: 1) against SC Freiburg after a long surpassed and, a minimum of temporarily with the Munich title rival
With his first objective for BVB, Haller made a goosebumps minute (51st)
The other objectives for the Dortmund scored the German global Nico Schlotterbeck (26th), Karim Adam (48th) and Julian Brandt (69th) and United States striker Giovanni Reyna (82nd)
In the meantime, Lucas Hole (45th) equalized for Freiburg
After yellow-red for Kilian Sildillia, the visitors needed to act less with one man
A quarter of an hour prior to completion, Freiburg’s coach Christian Stretch likewise saw yellow-red
The Westphalia increased the pressure against 10 Brasher
Niklas Rules violent shot from 25 meters guided SC goalkeeper Mark Flecked to the outer post, but at the subsequent corner he was helpless
The ball landed at the upward ex-Freiburg Schlotterbeck, which hit from an acute angle
The Eric group stayed game-determining, but it barely got unsafe
And so the battered sports club gradually recuperated again-with the aid of the Dortmund back group
Schlotterbeck and Sure did not get a harmless ball, Hole used the confusion to match
The most psychological moment of the afternoon followed
Haller, which nearly all the football Germany had taken to heart after his testicular cancer diagnosis, headed after a flank, a-to-the-das arena took off
After 60 minutes, Haller was enabled to go to the well-deserved end of the day early
The BVB captured the brave guest with a satisfaction, the happiness of playing was still missing in the very first round
The strong Brandt was likewise rewarded with a remarkable long-range shot

BVB vs. SC Freiburg-5: 1 (1: 1)

Tore |, 5: 1
Reyna (82nd)
Setup BVB |
Aloud), Sure, N. Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro-Can-Brandt, Zeus (71. Male), Adam (61. Bynoe-Gittens)- Haller (61
Set SC Freiburg |
Flekken-Kübler (90th +1st Guide), Winter, Lienhart-Silldilia, Howler, Günter-Doan (67th Along), Grifo-Kyereh (60th M. Dagestan), Hole (67. Gregoritsch)
Yellow cards |
Guerrero (fifth), Adam (27th), Brandt (36. )- Sildillia (15th), Yeah (56. ), Gregoritsch (78. )
Yellow-red cards |
-: Sildillia (17th)

82.: Tuition!
At First, Jamie Bynoe-Gitten is traveling alone towards the sixteen, but stops working due to Mark Flecked
The BVB remains tuned
For the 3rd time in a row, Raphael Guerrero places on the goal
And that accomplished Giovanni Reyna Hamlin in package
The surprise conservative shot can be seen late for flecked and winds up in the long corner
Reyna marks his 5th objective of the season

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card versus SC Freiburg

78.: Now Michael Gregoritsch gets his third caution of the present season for a nasty on Eyre Can

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacement at BVB

78.: On the side of the home side, Marius Wolf leaves the yard, which Mahmoud Aloud goes into
Edwin Eric fully draws his exchange contingent
76.: All of this is too much for Christian Stretch
The matter was really unfavorable for his group at the start of the game
The Freiburg coach can not stop and now see yellow-red
74.: Dortmund remains passionate and strongly oriented, which is a bad sign for the Freiburg
Nevertheless, the attempts by Eyre Can and Jamie Bynoe-Gitten are blocked

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacements at BVB

71.: At the very same time, Jude Bellingham is likewise spared
For that, Donnell takes over
70.: Then Marco Reus did his day work, Giovanni Reyna is replaced

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for BVB

69.: Tuition!
After a pass from Raphael Guerrero, Julian Brandt remains in the center, has a great deal of space there
The nationwide gamer takes a measure of about 20 meters with his best foot, strikes the ball perfectly
The ball flies in a light curve to the left inner post and in the front into the mesh
For Brandt this is the fifth objective of the season in the Bundesliga
69.: Niklas Sure tried it from a distance in the very first half and hit the post instantly prior to the first objective
Now the protector fires from about 19 meters in a half-right position, this time shoots a two-meter left

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacements at SC Freiburg

67.: Lucas Hole also makes space for Michael Gregoritsch
67.: Christian Stretch brings fresh legs to be a restriction of damage
For Its Down comes Woo-Yong Along
65.: Given that the third attempt at objective instantly after the reboot, the Freiburg has lacked a final act for nearly 20 minutes
Absolutely nothing occurs to the front
The game only takes place in half of the guests
63.: The official number of spectators has actually just been announced
The Signal Idea Park is offered out with 81,365 arena visitors

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacements at BVB

61.: And rather of Karim Adam, Jamie Bynoe-Gitten plays
61.: Then Edwin Eric likewise brings fresh forces, produces Sebastien Haller a celebrated surface
Youssef Mouton takes control of

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Replacement at SC Freiburg

60.: For the very first time, among the coaches actively steps in
Christian Stretch takes Daniel Yeah out of the video game and brings Maximilian Dagestan
58.: For Freiburg, it is now only about damage constraint
Another lucky shot alone no longer assists the Brasher
And Dortmund stays dominant, shows that you desire more

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card against SC Freiburg

56.: After a foul on Karim Adam, Daniel Yeah gets his 2nd yellow card of the continuous season
55.: Then there is a Dortmund corner again
As an outcome, Sebastien Haller is once again on the spot with his head
Unexpectedly Marco Reus is complimentary on the left in the Terrain Gain and goes after the Hillel from a much shorter range to the scoring
53.: With a lot of decision, the Westphalia have actually returned from the cabin and appear to have finally set the course versus the subordinate opponent
Marco Reus shoots in the sixteen, but aims too expensive

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for BVB

51.: Tuition!
The black and yellow strikes once again immediately
Following a corner, Raphael Guerrero crossed the left corner of the charge area
Sebastien Haller screwed up on the goal location and heads into the best corner
The striker has actually pertained to his very first objective of the season because his return after making it through cancer and is especially commemorated

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for BVB

48.: Tuition!
Julian Brandt briefly runs a corner left wing
Via Raphael Guerrero and Eyre Can, the ball reaches Karim Adam in a slightly turned position
This is trying to find Jew Bellingham and goes well
The Englishman puts off with the sole
And Adam keeps the play devices with your ideal foot from about eleven meters to the left corner between numerous Beefburgers

47.: Freiburg smelled Lute
The guests set accent after the restart
Its Down fires in a halfback position with his left foot
Gregor Nobel securely catches the long-range shot
46.: Without workers modifications, both fitness instructors send their teams into the 2nd stage of the game
46.: Now the ball rolls back in Signal Idea Park

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading

Half-time conclusion: After 45 minutes it is 1: 1 between Dortmund and Freiburg
Not to think that Russia does not take a trip of the break
The home side might barely form the first half far more remarkable
In all matters, BVB was the better team, deservedly led, however failed to substantially show the superiority in the result
The guests had really begun extremely quickly, however needed to move away virtually after a minute or two
After that, the sports club practically did not appear to be offending, and there was also an outnumbered
The Brasher offered a harmless final attempt in the 45th minute out of the blue

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading-1

45. +2.: Then referee Robert Schröder asks the gamers into the cabins for a break

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for SC Freiburg

45.: Tuition!
It has already happened
The visitors pertain to success out of nowhere
Vincenzo Gift sausages half right near the penalty location
After that, Its Down gets stuck a number of times on the way into package
The ball jumps backward and forward
And After That Lucas Hole does not torment long on the charge area grabbing and stabilizes his left-wing shot into the mesh
43.: Regardless of all the efforts, the Russians do not include the second goal
That keeps the sports club in the game at least in theory
Maybe the Beefburgers can think of something in the 2nd half
40.: Dortmund has the matter well under control over the measurements
Raphael Guerrero looks after a corner from the left
This discovers the skull of Niklas Sure, who can not control his header enough
37.: Marius Wolf attempts out from the 2nd row
The left-wing shot lacks precision
Mark Flecked does not have to bend fingers

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card versus BVB

36.: After a small foul by Eyre Can to Vincenzo Gift, Julian Brandt desires against the complimentary flinching choice near the center line and sees yellow due to the fact that of complaining about the midfielder, this is the yellow best in this Bundesliga season
34.: With the assistance in the back, the Russians are no longer pushing
With all persistence, Edwin Eric’s kids can open their game
32.: Without concern, the black and yellow lead is alright, since there are likewise 6: 1 goal shots, 7: 0 corners, 17: 2 flanks and almost 75 percent ownership for BVB
It might barely be much more clearly
30.: The short offensive recommendation of the Brasher is gradually slowed down
Dortmund keeps whatever in the grip and continues to play forward
28.: Following the due complimentary kick from the best side, Daniel Yeah concerns the very first objective of the goal for the visitors
The goal misses out on the goal

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card against BVB

27.: Since of a foul on Lukas Ruler near the sidelines, Karim Adam captures his 5th yellow card and will be missing in the communing game

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: TOO OR for BVB

26.: Tuition!
Julian Brandt competes left wing
After the cross, there is a complicated scenario on the left in the goal location
The ball jumps back and forth
Nico Schlotterbeck shoots his left foot from a really pointed angle and in fact finds the space in the short corner
The ex-Freiburg then waived abundant cheers about his 3rd objective of the season in the Bundesliga
25.: Niklas Sure has a lot of space, manages the distance and a little offset to the right
Mark Flecked touches the best shot slightly, the ball ends up on the left outer post
23.: Of course, the Dortmund keep the advantage
The initial hopes for a varied evening have long since-even before the dismissal
The BVB acts identified
21.: Jude Bellingham is trying to find the path between Its Down and Matthias Winter on the left in the charge location and comes down
The referee instantly means that it will be continued here
19.: On the right in the box Julian Brandt puts the ball carefully with the hoe
Jude Bellingham does not take over and captured the ball with his left foot
The shot starved and rolls past on the right

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow-red card against SC Freiburg

17.: Again there is a duel between Kilian Sildillia and Karim Adam
And the Freiburg holds the Dortmund clumsy
Just a minute after the first yellow, the 2nd in the sum of yellow-red follows

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card against SC Freiburg

15.: Because of a foul on Karim Adam, Kilian Sildillia overtakes his third caution of the existing season
14.: Even two corners in a row you can run house side
Both scenes do not create risk
The Westphalia still stay tuned and remain in the opposing half
13.: Then Julian Brandt fires on the left near the penalty area
The left shot is deflected and flies over package of Mark Flecked
This results in the first corner kick of this encounter
10.: After investigating Freiburg start, the Russians have long been under control, determine what is happening on the pitch
The possession of the ball is over 70 percent
8.: Then Marius Wolf marches from right to the middle, served over Karim Adam on the left in the box Raphael Guerrero
Its left shot misses out on the objective
That is the first final act of this game
7.: Dortmund obtains more and more possession and tries to establish decision
The black and yellow are already targeting the sixteen

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Yellow card against BVB

5.: Raphael Guerrero slips into the legs of Lucas Hole from behind
This is how the Portuguese international makes an early yellow map of their third of the existing Bundesliga season
4.: BVB also acts forward
Julian Brandt ends up being half-left in package by Philipp Lien hart
And quickly afterwards, Freiburg’s defense attorney likewise captures a cross meant for Sebastien Haller
3.: Freiburg is brave, the Brasher seem very dedicated, with which an incredibly diverse video game establishes
1.: The kick-off has simply been scored
At 8 degrees, the guests experience

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading

Before the start: Quickly before the start of the game, we take a look at the neutral group
Robert Schröder acts upon the pipeline
The 37-year-old FIFA referee concerns his 56th project in the Bundesliga
The assistants Dr
Jan Neitzel-Petersen and Jan Sade at hand
Patrick Dietrich acts 4th
On the screens, Johann Pfeifer and Markus Sign will focus on what is taking place
Before the start: By the way, the preliminary of the 2nd went 3-1 to Russia
The Westphalia likewise won the last house game against the Brasher (5: 1)
Before that, the sports club landed two 2-1 house wins
In Dortmund, nevertheless, there was absolutely nothing to get for a very long time
There the BVB remains in a row with four wins
The Freiburg got the last point here in January 2018 (2: 2)
And they won just one encounter and 2-0 in October 2001
Prior to the start: 2 tied table neighbors are now dealing with the signal Idea Park
The fourth has the 5th visitor
It’s about the locations in global organization
And the leader FC Bayern Munich is only 3 points away
The record champions playing in the morning can not be endangered, its goal distinction is simply too impressive
Prior to the start: Freiburg last scored in two house video games against Frankfurt (1: 1) and Augsburg (3: 1)
This showed yourself unwound from the completely not successful reboot after the World Cup and Christmas break
Because you were insane in Wolfsburg (0: 6)
That was the second away defeat in a row
The last time there was something countable at the visitor look at Schalke at the end of October (2-0)
Prior to the start: In regard to results, BVB has returned completely from the long winter break, three victories in a row are in the account of the yellow and black
The runner-up mixes at the top, the leaders FC Bayern Munich are only missing 3 points
Like Dortmund, opponent SC Freiburg has 34 points, so a leading duel can be expected at eye level
Before the start: The video game will start at 3:30 p.m. in the Dortmund Signal Idea Park
Prior to the start: Hi and welcome to the Bundesliga game in between Borussia Dortmund and SC Freiburg

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga today on TV and livestream

If you wish to watch the top game in between BVB and Freiburg live today, you require access to Sky
The Pay television broadcaster offers all Saturday games in the Bundesliga
Kai Pittman is responsible for the remark at Sky Sport Bundesliga UHD and Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 (HD) from 3:15 p.m. The most crucial scenes of BVB vs. Freiburg at Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 (HD) can be viewed as part of the conference
Sky offers a live stream for the single game, but likewise for the conference
Either a Sky go membership or WoW is required for access
Following football live on Sky!
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, 5: 1
Male), Adam (61. Bynoe-Gittens)- Haller (61.: Immediately later on, referee Robert Schröder ends the hustle and bustle on the square
: Half left from the edge of the charge area pulls Mahmoud Aloud off with the roe deer, shoots simply over the crossbar

BVB vs. SC Freiburg: Bundesliga today on television and Livestream-official constellations

  • BVB: Nobel
    Wolf, Sure, N. Schlotterbeck, Guerreirro-Can-Brandt, Zeus, Bellingham, Adeyemi-Haller
  • Freiburg: Flekken-Kübler, Winter, Lienhart-Silldilia, Howler, Günter-Doan, Grifo-Kyereh, Hole

Bundesliga: The table on match day 19

Square |
Team |
Sp. |
S |
U |
N |
Tore |
Diff. |
1 |
FC Bayern Munich |
18 |
10 |
7 |
1 |
52: 16 |
36 |
2 |
1 \
FC Union Berlin |
18 |
11 |
3 |
4 |
31: 22 |
9 |
3 |
RB Leipzig |
18 |
10 |
5 |
3 |
39: 24 |
15 |
4 |
Borussia Dortmund |
18 |
11 |
1 |
6 |
33: 25 |
8 |
5 |
SC Freiburg |
18 |
10 |
4 |
4 |
29: 25 |
4 |
6 |
Eintracht Frankfurt |
18 |
9 |
5 |
4 |
37: 26 |
11 |
7 |
VFL Wolfsburg |
18 |
8 |
5 |
5 |
36: 22 |
14 |
8 |
For. Mönchengladbach |
18 |
7 |
4 |
7 |
34: 29 |
5 |
9 |
Bayer Leverkusen |
19 |
7 |
3 |
9 |
30: 31 | -1 |
10 |
SV Welder Bremen |
18 |
7 |
3 |
8 |
29: 37 | -8 |
11 |
1 \
FSV Mainz 05 |
18 |
6 |
5 |
7 |
26: 29 | -3 |
12 |
1 \
FC Cologne |
18 |
5 |
7 |
6 |
29: 31 | -2 |
13 |
FC Augsburg |
19 |
6 |
3 |
10 |
24: 33 | -9 |
14 |
1899 Cofferdam |
18 |
5 |
4 |
9 |
26: 31 | -5 |
15 |
VfB Stuttgart |
18 |
3 |
7 |
8 |
22: 32 | -10 |
16 |
VFL Bochum |
18 |
5 |
1 |
12 |
19: 44 | -25 |
17 |
Bertha BSC |
18 |
3 |
5 |
10 |
20: 32 | -12 |
18 |
FC Schalke 04 |
18 |
2 |
4 |
12 |
14: 41 | -27 |

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