Viper might be one of the most frequently selected controllers in Valorant, but there is very little for maps like fracture what it can do.
Although your skills can still be utilized to set up and create choke points and create one-way streets, it is actually challenging to get an accurate list with your ability Snake Bite, especially since both put on this card do not
are exposed.
The areas are little, they have numerous inputs, so it can be an obstacle to cover all inputs at the same time.
The following lists and setups will assist you to largely prevent this issue.

lists of Viper Hazardous Screen and Toxin Cloud for Fracture in Valorant

We take a look at the two sides here from the viewpoint of the attack and after that from the viewpoint of the defense.
It is really challenging to land the snake bite exactly in the area in which it must wind up, so we primarily focus on the harmful screen and the toxin cloud.


Area A.

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        When it concerns location A, the facility is pretty simple.
        Do not go into the lobby.


Instead, go near the cable cars and truck and align your crosshairs as shown in the photo above.
Utilize your harmful screen ability from here.
The majority of the location A need to cover the majority of the area and offer you and your team safe access to the place.
Let your poison cloud fall at the primary entryway A and efficiently create a one-way street here if you are on the website.

Area B.

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    When you attack Site B, align yourself on the boxes outside the site, as to see in the photo above.
    Use your hazardous screen capability.
    This cuts in half the website, and you can get on the website without needing to fret.
    You can also go in and start a spike plant!


Area A.

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        To successfully defend this page, go to a rope from Defender Side Spawn and use your harmful screen capability, as revealed in the photo above.
        This should effectively obstruct A Door and A Main.
        The only other opening on this page is a drop, so let the Poison Cloud capability fall here which need to produce a reliable one-way street.

Location B.

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        If you make your way to the place from Protector Side Spawn, let your TOXIC screen ability diagonally fail the generator, as displayed in the illustration above.
        This should obstruct the view of all enemies who try to permeate the website from here.
        Also drop the toxin cloud ability in B arcade.
        You can then camp either in the B Tower or on the website.
        These are some of the constellations that you can utilize for fracture in Valorant while playing as viper.
        You will discover some more Viper lists for Breeze, Lotus and Split here if you are pleased to play as an agent.
        Gratitude is now available on the PC.

  • This post was updated on January 31, 2023.