Together with Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria, King of the Hill is one of the animated series for more remembered teenagers from the late 90s and the beginning of the new century.
Although in 2010 the last episode was transmitted, this production has remained alive thanks to memes and retransmissions.
Now, today it has been confirmed that King of the Hill will have a reboot, with which he can reach a new generation.
Through a statement, Hulu announced that King of the Hill’s reboot is a reality.
20th Television Animation, will be in charge of production, with Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, the creators of the original series, involved in this project as executive producers, this together with Michael Rosenberg, Howard Klein, Dustin Davis, and Saladin Patterson, who
It is also the showrunner.


This is the description of the project:

Follow Hank Hill’s life, an enthusiastic propane seller and propane accessories;
His wife, Peggy, local Boggy champion and substitute teacher;
And his 13-year-old son, Bobby, who challenges any expectation his father had for a son.
Hank’s friends, the Dale conspiracy theorist, military hairdresser Bill and the great, but inarticulate Bookmaker, along with Peggy’s friends, mind and meteorologist Nancy, and Bobby’s friend, Connie, helps the Hills while
navigate in a changing world.
As if that were not enough, Mike Judge (Hank Hill), Kathy Najib (Peggy Hill), Stephen Root (Bill Cauterize), Pamela Along (Bobby Hill), Johnny Hardwick (Make Gribble) and Lauren Tom (Mind Souphanousinphone), they are also involved
In the project, and they are very likely to give life to their respective characters.
The idea of reboot is not something totally unexpected.
Since 2017, Judge and Daniels have tried to bring the series back, this after a meeting for the 20th anniversary that took place in the Sketchiest that year.
Now we only have to wait for the premiere of this new version of the animated classic.
In related issues, Bad Boys are confirmed 4. Similarly, there will be a new UP short.
Editor’s note:
I have to admit that I never saw King of the Hill and everything I know about the series I know for the memes.
In this way, this is the perfect time to see the reboot.
I cannot say that it will be a bad or good thing, since I never saw the original work.

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