In the meantime, it has been more than a year ago that Microsoft has announced the takeover of Activision Blizzard.
It was already clear that it would take around in the summer of 2023 to get the green light from all control authorities and to bring the deal under his roofing system.
After all, we are talking about the potentially the greatest acquisition of the video game market, for which Microsoft takes simply under $70 billion in hand.

Sony gets shooting help from FTC

Over the past few months, we have actually reported that the excellent rival Sony in particular protects himself against this takeover.
The 2 companies have not just faced the console front for years (Xbox Versus PlayStation), there is also a risk of loss of essential gold man-franchises like Call of Task.
Sony gets unique assistance from the US competition FTC (Federal Trade Commission), which just threatened with a claim and after that wished to obstruct the deal.
But does the Japanese group giant need such a kind of young puppy security?
When it comes to Lulu Cheng Reserve, Sony herself is already strong, and she uses the currently running The Last of the United States series as evidence.

Activision-Cco with interesting argumentation chain

Lulu Cheng Reserve is not simply anyone, but the Executive Vice President of Corporates Affairs and Chief Communications Officer at Activision Blizzard (Who thinks such titles…).
Reserve has actually released numerous tweets on Twitter in the past few hours to mention the FTC about the high quality of the The Last of the United States series.
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You’re reasoning: This excellent series is produced by Sony Pictures TV and PlayStation Productions.


The series is based on among the most successful game series of all time developed by a Sony studio and published by Sony specifically for PlayStation.
In her viewpoint, we only see one example of the reality that Sony has an unsurpassed fund of copyright [has], not only in the location of games, however likewise in the areas of television, movies and music that can be developed or can be established or
can market existing games.
The success of the series would already have a favorable effect on the sales of the video games, Reserve continues.
With such IPs in the hindquarters, it is only rational that Sony as the market leader controls the console area.
The takeover of Activision by Microsoft will not alter that.

Such a highly located company like Sony does not need security by the FTC.
What do you think about this thesis and argument chain?
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Karsten Scholz