awl Stars has several playable characters.

On the production date of this text, the game has 64 awlers.
After we talk about Edgar, it was time for the Fang guide, a tank style of a lot of damage and ideal to play solo.
Fang is a fantastic destructive awler to sustain and cause damage holding an area.
The basic attack is strong in short range and if you do not hit anyone, the boot becomes a medium range projectile.
See how to play from Fang and what are the attacks, accessories and star powers that awler Destroyer has in awl Stars!

Fang: Attack and Super

Attack: loose lace

Fang gives an agile kick with a trick to the sheath. If the kick does not hit any target, the boot comes out of your foot.


  • Damage: 2100 (attack) and 525 (tennis) at level 11
  • Range: Short attack (3) and very long of sneakers (9)
  • Recharge Speed: Very fast (1)

Super: steel toe

Fang uses a sequence of up to 3 chain kicks against nearby enemies.
Damage: 1800 (at level 11)
Range: very long (9)
Attack loading: 25%

Fang: Accessories are unlocked when Fang reaches level 7 and can be purchased with coins.

It is only possible to ing one accessory in each match.

Explosive popcorn

  • Fang throws corn grains up and makes it rain popcorn!
  • Uses per match: 3.
    With this accessory, Fang becomes an excellent crowd control by causing damage to a large area with the popcorn.
    Perfect for holding a specific position for a while.

Circular kick

  • By activating the accessory, awler stun the opponents nearby after a circular kick.
  • Uses per match: 3.
    Another Crowd Control accessory, however, requires Fang to be much closer to enemies than explosive popcorn.

Fang: Star Power

Star powers are unlocked when Fang reaches level 9 and can be purchased with coins.
Like accessories, it is only possible to ing star power in each match.

reserve kick

  • After being used to defeat an enemy, Fang Super is recharged on time.
    With that, Fang can use Super again instantly!
    Ideal for those who like to be very aggressive or who are playing modes with a lot of people.

Reinforced Sole

  • Reduces 500 damage points received every 3 seconds.
    The maximum reduction is 90% of the damage received.
    This star power is more recommended for those who want a tank-style fang and/or are playing solo mode.

Fang: General gameplay tips

  • Fang is a destroyer that causes and can take a lot of damage.
  • It is versatile because it has area damage and projectile throw if it misses the short blow.
  • Ult can be recharged immediately with the reserve kick by eliminating a awler.
  • Ideal for almost all modes, especially if it is solo.
  • It can be focused to give more damage or to endure more blows.
  • Fang is very fast, mainly because it is a awler that resembles a tank.