One of the main goals of Hustling Herbalist in Bit life is to sell fake grass to more than 25 people and a policeman.
To do this, you must first become a fraudster in Bit life and unlock the Fake Weed scam.

How to become a fraudster in Bit life

To become a scammer at Bit life, you must purchase DLC Jobs Pack in a game store.
At the time of writing, PAK is sold for $4.99 of the United States both in Apple and Play Store.

Having received a package of tasks, go to the Special Careers section on the Work tab and select the Street Hustler parameter.
Under it, click on any street and select the scammer button.
That’s all, you have become a fraudster in Bit life.

How to unlock a fake scam with grass in Bit life

The next step after you become a fraudster will unlock the Fake Weed scam in Bit life.
Being a fraudster of an advanced level, you can access this method of fraud only after increasing the level of your basic fraudulent game.


To do this, fulfill the newcomer to the average weight of the level of level repeatedly, until you unlock the expanded fraud menu.
This should probably happen after 5 to 8 years after he became a fraudster.
Having gained access, use the FAKE Weed scam on 25 people to complete one of the tasks in the Hustling Herbalist task.

how to sell fake grass of the cop in Bit life

Another quest in the test is to sell fake grass to the policeman.
To do this, click on the People option on your street on the Work tab.
Now find any policeman and perform fake.
If you have successfully deceived the policeman, you will complete the task in the test.
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