With the international spotlight on Argentina after its winning performance in the World Cup, it’s no surprise that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has reached out to congratulate his counterpart, President Alberto Fernández of Argentina. Read on to find out what message Putin had for Fernández and how it ties into an appeal for peace.

Argentina’s head of state Alberto Fernández has actually accepted the congratulations of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for the World Cup won with an appeal for peace.
Thank you for these congratulations, President Putin, Fernández wrote on Twitter about the call.
The happiness that Argentina today joins with numerous individuals on the planet acts as an example: Our societies require unity and peace, said the Tweet, apparently with a view of Russia’s war of attack in Ukraine.
Fernández likewise sent congratulations.

Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar 4-2 in a dramatic final against France on Sunday.
The group around superstar Lionel Messi had actually gone back to Buenos Aires on Tuesday night.
Fernández ordered a nationwide holiday for Tuesday so that the country can commemorate victory.


Amongst other things, it is prepared that the world champions in the afternoon (regional time) drive to the iconic obelisk in the center of the Argentine capital and have themselves cheered there.
Currently, at night the fans flocked to the town hall in masses.