When you finally enter the land of the thousand fables during the mission The night of the long fangs, you will find yourself in a new mission, beyond the hill and the valley….
This particular mission is full of color, magic, and unpleasant beasts.
One of the first beasts you will face is a witch who tries to prepare your dinner!
Here is how to overcome the evil witch in The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine if you are fighting.


Defeat the evil witch in Blood & Wine

She is one of the most interesting fights of Blood and Wine, since it is presented as a much more difficult challenge than it really is.
While most fights require a bit of previous preparation, for the evil witch you should only remember to bring a crossbow and a silver sword.
That is practically everything.
When it comes to the attacks of the evil witch, there are only some to which you must be attentive.
It will summon a beast at the beginning and in the middle of the fight.
You will end up facing one of the great monsters of poisonous flowers and a couple of panthers.
Both are relatively easy opponents, just be sure to dodge constantly, since she will try to go to the offensive while you are busy.
Their direct attacks consist of shooting you and running in a straight line.
Bringing it is just a matter of time.
While you fight against the evil witch, you may have noticed that it is surrounded by a magical bubble.
This bubble is completely waterproof.
No sword, pump, ray or signal can cross it, which makes the fight frustrating at the beginning.
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The key is to wait for this boss to immerse and run directly to you.
It is at that time when the bubble is removed to attack you.
Shoot quickly with your crossbow and crash against the ground, leaving it exposed to your attack for a few seconds.
His broom will also join the fight.
You can get it if you want, which will shorten the fight a lot, but there is no real need.
It is possible to eliminate more than a third of your health at once, so if you do not mind waiting for it to run, the evil witch’s fight can still be done quite quickly.
If you want the fight to go much faster, you can use Relict Oil to increase your damage against this boss in a substantial amount.
Anyway, there is not much fight here once you realize that you just need to shoot while she loads you.
For greater protection, keep active to Queen during the fight, because even while falling, it can still hurt you.
It is not enough to kill you directly, but if you have been struggling to discover its pattern for some time, the evil witch can undermine your life easily.
He does that for everything he needs to know to beat the evil witch in The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine.
To get more guides on the game, search our dedicated wiki.
It includes other battles against bosses, as well as puzzle tours such as the challenging portal puzzles.

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