Dragon Quest Treasures is an RPG that openly mimics the original Dragon Quest III, but with a fun twist: it offers a retrofitted and redesigned version of the game for Nintendo’s Switch.

Casually, December is a month old enough in computer game launches.
Proof of this is with the arrival on Nintendo Switch over of a tiny exclusivity that might should have a place at the foot of the tree, as long as you enjoy the J-RPG.

Certainly, Square Enix advises us that Dragon Mission Treasures has been offered because December 9 as well as offers us a recall bite with this launch trailer.
Erik as well as Mia are both lead characters of this tale which will certainly take us on the side of Draconian, a world in which the dragons stay in flexibility.
Our duo will rapidly have to make up a group by hiring monsters to go to the end of their prize hunt.


Many thanks to their capabilities as well as their powers, tamed animals will certainly be able to help them progress serenely in the adventure.
Highly influenced by Zelda Breath of the Wild, this Dragon Mission Treasures will certainly additionally offer recipes and recipes to make.