To complete the task of Bit life Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Challenge is easy if you know how to achieve each goal.
Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the instructions below.

All goals in the test Do not stop, do not stop

To complete the test I can’t stop, I will not stop in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks:
Begging more than five times on different streets
Busk more than five times on different streets
Deception more than 25 people
Emigrate more than five times
Earn more than a million on a hustle
Before starting the test, I can’t stop, I won’t stop, you must buy a package of tasks in Bit life, since the whole task rotates around DLC.
You can purchase DLC in an in-game store for $4.99.

how to beg more than five times on different streets in Bit life

The first goal of the last test is begging more than five times on different streets.
Firstly, you need to become a beggar.
Starting your life, take it until you are eighteen.
Soon after, visit special careers tab in the vacancies section.
Under this, go and select the Street Hustler option.
The game will provide you with a list of professions related to bustle.
Choose a beggar and choose any street to start your journey.
Having become a beggar, it’s time to rob people.


Go to the Action tab in the Work section and click People.
Choose any person on your street as a goal and ask for money.
As soon as you received money from a person, you can change the street.

Go to the same Action tab in the Work section and select the streets.
Select another area and repeat the process.
After successful begging in five different blocks, the first goal will be fulfilled.

How to arrange a Bosley more than five times on different streets in Bit life

The second quest in testing Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is to become a street musician.
To do this, you need to master the tool.
The best way to train is to sign up for classes on playing any musical instruments as soon as you go to high school.
Use the mind body section to join the package.
Train and master the tool until you go through high school.
After the end, go to the Special Career tab and select Street Hustler.
Now choose Busker as your swindler.
As in the Begging mission, choose your goal and get money from it.
Having received money, change your area using the Street option.
Repeat the process on five different streets to complete the second task.

how to deceive more than 25 people in Bit life

The third task in the last challenge is to deceive more than 25 people.
As in the case of begging, you do not need any qualifications to become a fraudster.
When you turn eighteen, go to the Special Careers section and select Street Hustlers.
Now choose a fraudster as your vanity and choose any form of the main fraud technique.
Select your goal using the people parameter on the Action tab in the Work section.
Deceive people until you gain 25 points to go through the third quest.

How to emigrate more than five times in Bit life

The penultimate goal of the current challenge is to emigrate to five countries.
Go to the Action tab and press the emigrate option.
Choose any country from your choice and apply for a visa.
Make sure that you have a lot of money, as most countries will refuse to issue a visa if you are not rich.
After migration in five different countries, this particular quest will be completed.

How to make more than a million in a hurry in Bit life

The last goal in the test I can’t stop, I won’t stop-earn more than a million on a street bustle.
The best way to get such a large amount of money is to use advanced fraud methods, such as fraud with VIP tickets/fraud for promoters of nightclubs.
We recommend continuing our lives as a fraudster even after 25 people have been deceived to unlock the prescribed advanced methods.
Over time and constant efforts, you will accumulate a fortune of more than a million.
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