In DWARF FORTRESS, one of the most important things in order to make the dwarves happy is to provide them with good living quarters or, speaking the game language, a bedroom.
However, the game does not tell you right away, which makes the bedroom good and what is not.
Fortunately, we are here to help with the guide to create the perfect gnomes bedroom in Dwarf Fortress.

Fundamentals of Dwarf Fortress bedroom design

First you need to determine the bedroom.
In Dwarf Fortress in Steam and, the creation of the bedroom is slightly different from the original game.
You will need to highlight the sleeping area for which the bed is not initially needed, but you must add it later.
To determine the bedroom area, go to the area of the zone at the bottom of the screen or click Z.

The best dimensions of the bedrooms in Dwarf Fortress

The 3 × 3 bedroom is the ideal size of the bedroom for the gnome, but if you feel generous, 4 × 4 or even 5 × 5 are great to add a little additional luxury.
Nobles and other senior dwarves will need a much larger bedroom than this.
You can also get away by placing several gnomes in tiny bedrooms 1 × 1, 2 × 1 and other small bedrooms.
But space is not the only thing that is needed in order to make a high-quality bedroom.

What furniture to put in the Dwarf Fortress bedroom?

In addition to the bed, at first it can be difficult to understand what to put in the dwarf bedroom.
However, the game involuntarily informs you of this through another screen.

Looking at the noble screen (The key N by default) and seeing that various nobles in their bedrooms are required, you can see what is a typical bedroom.
Here they are:
One chest
One office
One armor stand
Standing with one weapon
You can also add a table and chair so that dwarf can eat in solitude if you want.
Everything else, for example, bookcases, statues, windows, etc., is usually a luxurious addition.

Improvement of gnome bedrooms

You can improve the standards of dwarf bedrooms in several ways.
The easiest way to align the walls or build walls and floors from suitable materials.
The higher the cost of the material, the more the bedroom will be modernized.
You can also use better furniture to raise the cost of the room.
There is also a somewhat hidden way to make dwarves truly love their bedrooms.


Checking the personality of the gnome and recognizing his preferences, you can easily find out what makes him happy.
This will give you a list of materials, creatures and other things that they like.
If you place these items in their bedroom or, perhaps, make furniture from these items, they will receive a surge of happiness every time these items see!
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