Marvel Snap offers a unique departure from typical collection card games due to its location and power systems, but it seems that no card game can help to add the topic of reset to your library. This is the case with Marvel Snap, which offers viable Discard bags at all levels of the game, including the first pool. Below you will find a list of decks for the best deck from the pool, as well as the methods of its piloting.

List of the best deck of the pool 1 and how to play it in Marvel Snap

List of Marvel Snap Pool 1 Reset Columns

  • A man-man
  • Blade
  • Electra
  • Core
  • Honda
  • Angela
  • Wolverine
  • Lady Sigh
  • Sword master
  • Apocalypse
  • America Chavez

This deck has an incredibly low curve, in which more attention is paid to the use of a man-man and Angela, and not their discarding. This is due to the unfortunate fact that the first pool simply does not have much support for the reset. In addition to Wolverine and Apocalypse, no cards get the benefits of reset. Nevertheless, on the lower ranks of the Marvel Snap stairs, the proper use of Angela and the man-man is a reasonable strategy, especially with heavy top finishers of the deck.

Marvel Snap-How to play Pool 1 Reset

On this note, the game with Angela and a man-man is a great way to provide an early game, but the true power of the deck is the correct game with the apocalypse and the guaranteed draw of America Chavez at the sixth move. During the match, you must give priority to play with key cards in your initial hand. For example, if you start with Angel, the first move will be most reasonable and hold any single drop in your hand to pump it at the third speed. And vice versa, if a person-man is in your hand, plan your curve around the filling of his location to activate his constant attack bonus. If none of them is in your initial hand, play your other androids at your discretion, except the Electra that you want to play on the enemy Syndrome, or Blade.


You will want to hold back Blade and other reset options, such as the master of the sword and Lady Sigh, to try to guarantee that they will drop the apocalypse or Wolverine. A quick thought of devastating your hand before trying to drop key cards, may be a difference between losing and winning.

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