Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the two new versions of the franchise, available since November 18, 2022. Although many coaches have already ventured to discover the Pale region, others are still a little reluctant because of bugs and performance falls reported in Networks. Is the content proposed at least worth it? In this article we focus on the amount of hours it takes to finish the whole game.

Many hours of gameplay?

This is an important question that many future players may wonder. A purchase of $300 offers an equivalent duration of fun? The answer is yes, if you can ignore graphic problems and eventual FPS falls.

How long for 100%?

In addition to offering a giant open world fully exploited, Pokémon S/V stands out from other games with their three narratives:

  • Straight, without capturing all the Pokémon you find, count a good 30 hours to overcome Team Star, Titans and gyms from the main plot to the Pokémon League;
  • Count another 3 or 4 hours for the post-game;
  • And of course… 10 or up to 20 hours for the end of the game and to complete all your Pokédex -there 400 Pokémon to capture.

Of course, the final amount depends on each player and their ability to understand the type table, for example, or their interest in exploring every Pale corner.

We reinforce this point especially because some additional activities can consume a lot of time, such as attending the gym classes, hunting shiny in mass Outeaks or looking for all Gimmighoul. The same goes for if you like to battle online and participate in King, where Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s life will be basically infinite.