It is generally maintained that basic performances remain in principle functional: technical and lances infrastructure to servers, the creation of characters, the motions and the fundamentals of the fight, as well as the management of objects and the harvesting of resources, Interface and the Map (the general card and the mini-map have actually simply been integrated into the MMORPG build and will for that reason be available in Alpha).
The designer brings some technical details, for example on the death system of characters and beasts: it is practical, but the studio has denied the management of loots on remains. Rather, the victim’s items are up to the ground (it suffices functional for an alpha), without needing to manage inventory of a (remains) (the mechanism will come later on).

When it comes to the present projects, the developer defines that the Housing is virtually settled, however must be evaluated: it will be among the dating points of the next tests. At the same time, the groups of the Crazy studio satisfy the guild system, which ought to permit players to create their own towns in the playing game and make them strengthened cities in order to protect them as part of PVP disputes. This is obviously the next top priority of the studio-while waiting to be able to check it on piece in the context of upcoming tests.

In order to spread out the (future) profane gamers, the Brazilian studio Outrageous regularly shares its roadmaps for the advancement of the MMORPG. The studio has actually simply updated the latest, which should in specific define the contents intended to be offered in the future Alpha phase-not yet dated, however currently being prepared.