The LeBron of the year 2022 also promises with being the 2023, and it is that everything indicates that the procedures for the purche of Blizzard activation by Microsoft are far from ending. Sony h published a new document with its allegations against the movement with some especially striking sentences, among which the Japanese accuse Redmond of wanting to make them Nintendo removing Call of Duty.

Sony’s statements, Round

The document, which you can read completely in the link that closes this article, contains sentences that have no wte. According to the Japanese company, this movement would mean a threat to the industry, since with Call of Duty in between, we talk about an irreplaceable franchise on game platforms. Microsoft’s control on it would put it in an absolute control place that would involve a turning point.

In relation to this, Sony alleges that Microsoft would have the ability to encourage, exclude or restrict rivals, including PlayStation and PlayStation Plus, to have access to Call of Duty. They also emphize a pattern in recent times in the Americans to buy studies and make exclusive video games of them.

But obviously, we must highlight the mention of Nintendo. Microsoft declares that the Nintendo model shows that PlayStation does not need Call of Duty to compete effectively, they begin by saying, then make clear their position. But this reveals the true Microsoft strategy, which wants Sony to be Nintendo, which would make it a less close and effective competitor for Xbox.

After the transaction, Xbox would become the only stop for all the best-selling shooters franchises in console: Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, Doom and Overwatch), and explained, they would be free of competitive pressure, sentence.

we see and expect, Call of Duty is the main battle horse in this brawl that seems far from having an end.