Previously this fall, CCP launched a soft launch of the Spanish version and client, with a call to the EVE community to assist the group to complete some of what was still missing from what might be thought about a more refined main launch. That time has actually gotten here, and there’s a statement video including CCP Burger, the EVE Online Creative Director, flaunting a few of the process in funny fashion.

Check out the announcement over at EVE Online.

The Spanish language client is now available, and the group has a few scheduled events this week to mark the release. With the release of the Spanish edition today, at 8 PM. UTC/ 3 PM EST, there’s a fireworks festival and party at Rita 4-4 and brought on CCPTV. There will be members of the Spanish-speaking neighborhood included on the live stream in order to formally open things up, together with what is a likely first challenge to the neighborhood.

EVE Online is formally welcoming people to Nero Eden with the main launch of its Spanish edition, together with a new video statement and events and happenings to commemorate the release.

No one will get left out this week, as there are login rewards, including a new skin. There’s also a unique pack for sale, Trio Tojo.

In addition to pretty surges, well likewise be beginning what might turn out to be Brand-new Edens longest-ever spaceship conga line if we have enough pilots!

On Thursday, the group will host another stream with members of the neighborhood chatting and sharing their experiences in EVE Online now that there’s Spanish assistance. And on Friday, there will be a Spanish centered PSI fleet at 8 PM UTC. While you do not have to be playing the Spanish edition to participate and join in the event (or any hunting that occurs), CCP will be highlighting the newest official community.