The beginning of preseason is always the most chaotic moment of the League of Legends, and things would not be different after the introduction of Patch 12.22. The arrival of major changes and, above all, new items has created a favorable environment for some champions to show impossible mastery in any other context. One thing is certain: it’s time to take advantage of all the unbalanced changes, before Riot Games makes proper corrections in the game.

The champion who is sweeping the ‘new’ League of Legends

Havana in the jungle became from afar the most powerful choice of the new League of Legends. Taking into consideration all the links in the game, the champion won about 55.3% of the more than 23,400 matches in which she participated. The statistics in question allows us to conclude that Havana is absolutely oken, as this rate of victories is absolutely disproportionate to any champion. However, the most impressive of these records is that they do not even reflect the true power of the champion, as there is a specific item that makes it particularly powerful.

Havana is a strong champion in general that can be used with ice radius, night harvester or steel heart items. However, the ightest version of Havana is the one who uses the steel heart. The new item of champion tank is a perfect combination for the character and increases his victory rate rises too scary to 59.4%. In large part, this is due to the disproportionate amount of damage that Havana can cause combining the passive of the steel heart with its Q (double bite), is something that simply dominates any fight.


In fact, the heart of steel has become one of the most problematic items of the 2023 preseason. It is not that the item is oken (at least not in a larger proportion than other preseason items), but its ability to make With that the tanks are absolutely oken in the Late Game has become very frustrating for some players. In addition, there are a few champions who take advantage of it (such as Shen, for example) and so they are very ‘op’. To make matters worse, the item has a lethal combination with titanic hydra.

Everything points to a power reduction for Havana in the coming days, although the situation is not easy for Riot Games to solve. There are many characters that are offering very high performance and the developer still needs to finish caliate items and systems to restore the League of Legends balance. In principle, and except in very exaggerated cases, the company’s intention is not to make many adjustments to the champions until they end with the items, the distribution of experience in the upper range or the new jungle.

The first emergency patch of this ‘preseason’ will soon reach the League of Legends, although it does not include power reductions for the champions. In this sense, it is a good time to use the most oken heroes in the game and increase our MMR to the restart of the ranked matches that will take place at the beginning of season 13. Of course, the preseason ranked are not the most important of the year, But they can help us start 2023 in a much more favorable position.