Net marble Battle Royale and ‘Hope Squad’, which were first unveiled at the 5th NTP in January this year, will be demonstrated at the Net marble booth at G-Star 2022, which will run from 17 to 20. ‘Hope Squad’ is a third-person action Battle Royale game in which 60 teams of three squad teams compete in the near future, Ariosto, and in the last two tests. It has shown a quick tempo.

13 kinds of weapons, 39 weapons skills, and a new mode ‘touchdown’ on a variety of abilities and chips, and a high-field that differentiates with other Battle Royale, G-Star, and how to release it. Park’s Park Rangoon Development PD provided questions with reporters gathered in the field.

■ ‘High Squad’, which is being quenched for testing and demonstration for the launch next year

Q. What is the development progressed at this point?

Currently, most in-game functions have been developed and are developing additional events, new modes, and ranks.

Q. What is the perfection of the current game inside?

The main system is completed, and the work is in progress to increase the details. In the first half of next year, the company plans to formally introduce ‘High Squad’ to users.

Q. What was the hardest part of development?

= Many users faced various technical difficulties in the process of optimizing the frame so that many users can experience melee action battles in real time, but they could solve them after the study, such as using the location correction operation.

Q. What is the core mode of the game?

= ‘High Squad’ aims to provide a variety of fun using elements such as battle and base, and it is difficult to define a key mode. At the time of its launch, it will be introduced in the Battle Royale mode where many users feel friendly, but plans to continue to add various modes of high-Squads.

Q. What other mode you are preparing in addition to Conquests and Survival?

= Five people are preparing for the ‘touchdown’ mode, which is a team to score a score by bringing the bombs generated in the center of the map to the opposing camp. In addition, it will introduce a community mode ‘High Square’, which includes various mini-games that many people can easily enjoy with arcade sensitivity. All two new modes will be released in the final test in December.

Q. Do you have plans for each mode where each person confronts each person?

= High Square also supports one-person war in survival mode. In the case of one-person war, all are enemies and only focus on battle, so they can enjoy more fierce warfare.

Q. There seems to be a little lack of tutorial modes to practice weapons skills. How is this supplement?

The tutorial aims to learn the main elements of the game, such as acquiring items and using skills. The character moving line in the tutorial will be improved, and if you go to Zone 3 at the training ground, you can naturally practice weapons skills against AIs.

Q. It seems to have a variety of modes, and I want to ask how to respond to issues such as user diversification.

= We are preparing various modes with differentiated fun elements in each mode, and we plan to place users from focusing on specific modes in consideration of the user response.

Q. The game ends in about 10 minutes, and the waiting time for the resurrection seemed a bit long. What is the standard of waiting time for 1 minute?

= The actual resurrection time is 10 seconds. The reason for 10 seconds is to provide an opportunity for the resurrected character to run away without falling. However, the cooldown is set to one minute until the resurrection is activated after the resurrection once resurrected at one base. If the squad with a base continues to resurrect without cooldown, it is applied as a device for adjusting the balance because it is disadvantageous for the attacker.

Q. I feel a bit ambiguous. Do you have any plans to reinforce it?

= Strike and hit are steadily improving. High Square is a real-time match game where many users play at the same time. Rather than giving users’ actions, they focused on the direction for all users to operate freely. Within this direction, the sense of blow and hit is improving as much as possible. In order to give a clear pleasure in the event of success, the sound and particles were improved, and the effect was improved so that it could be recognized for clearly when hit. Afterwards, it will be improved in terms of directing parts such as afterimage effect, camera shaking, and skill camera production.

Q. TTK is very fast. It’s easy to die and live easily. What kind of intention did you make this?

= Since it consists of proximity-based combat, it is planned to be actively resurrected in order to ensure that no one can actively participate in the battle without shrinking. In addition, since the team members can resurrect, more organic team play causes the resurrection. Other Battle Royale games are focused on solo battles rather than team play between squad One. On the other hand, ‘High Squad’ is designed to prioritize team play.

Q. Do you have any plans to add weapons in the future?

The addition of new weapons is included in the main update plan because it is the core of the game to install two weapons and replace the weapons according to the situation. One of the feedback that is most commonly delivered to users is also related to weapons.

■ What is the strategy of appealing to the global ‘high squad’ global ‘high-squad’ in the city of fast tempo?

Q. We tested not only in Korea but also in global tests, but I am curious about the reactions of global users and global users.

= Global users have a variety of reactions, and the speed and strategic play are especially fun. Among them, I received a number of positive feedback on the combat system that can use a unique skill for each weapon. Meanwhile, the majority of users respond to overseas markets rather than domestic, as they are located in North America and Europe.

Q. What feedback from users the most?

= As battles based on various weapons are key features of the game, they are most commonly conveyed on new weapons and skills. Based on this feedback, we are trying to reflect the emotional parts that users prefer beyond performance.

Q. Many users do not seem to recognize the resurrection function through the occupation of the base. What is the way to solve this?

= Until the previous test, users did not actively use the base. In the final test scheduled for December, the company plans to actively utilize the use of the base by allowing various boost buff effects such as increasing the overall physical strength when occupying the base. It also aims to raise awareness of the resurrection system by improving tutorials.

Q. I know that we have made various efforts such as opening Discords and Facebook from the test stage.

= So far, we have made active efforts to communicate with global users. In the future, live broadcasting with developers and CM to attract more active attention from users. It aims to create a game that faithfully reflects users’ opinions through communication while showing the development progress and direction transparent.

Q. In many cases, users learn to play from other users through community. What is the strategy to activate this?

In order to activate the community more than now, the final test will add a community mode ‘Hope Square’ in the concept of plaza that can communicate freely with users. If the competition with the ranking is added, I believe that the community will naturally be activated, such as the users discuss the results through the community.

▲ We continue to communicate with global users through the official YouTube channel and discoed.

Q. As Tempo is a very fast Battle Royale game, I am worried that the so-called ‘Hyena’ play, which is only aimed at fishermen, will ruin the game.

= Battle Royale’s characteristics, such as fishermen’s geography, are only one of the many strategies. However, it is difficult for users to insist on hyena play because the situation is quickly changing rapidly and when the enemy will appear when it will appear. In addition, we plan to add various factors to ensure that users can move actively. In ‘Survival’ mode, you can get a boost buff through the occupation of the base, and a base-oriented battle will be unfolded.

Q. Is there an additional test before launch?

= Final test will be conducted in December.

Q. How is BM to be configured?

Since it is a PVP game, we are preparing BM in the direction that can make use of individual users’ personality or emotion in the line that does not have P2W. The BM of the High Squad will be an optional element, not an essential element, and will be made to maximize the pleasure or individual satisfaction in playing the game.

Q. I want to hear that there is no e-sports plan.

E-sports shoes are also considering. In addition to direct play, the goal is to create a game with pleasure to watch.