-made connect, Google Play Store and One Store Pre-booking

-neglected, collective RPG , and in beta testing at home and abroad

-This concept is neglected, a molding RPG showcases

Remade Connect announced today that it will hold a pre-booking event for the mobile RPG , developed by Nitro and published.

Spirit Saber is a mobile RPG where you can enjoy the story of the protagonist, a variety of development, and combat strategies. To add to the fun of fostering and strategy, Spirit Saber has implemented a variety of chapters and 30 kinds of servant recruitment systems in a basic way of playing and collection.

In addition, the combination of illustrations, dot graphics, and designs placed in various places is said to have fun to see the story of battle, collection, and character. In particular, in the beta test of the game in October, the one-store selected for the outstanding beta game was selected as a preliminary game that would add to the interest of users through word of mouth.

An official of the company said, We expect that all game fans will be able to enjoy and satisfy all game fans as they have confirmed the various opinions and response of users in beta tests in Korea and the Philippines.


The pre-booking of can be presented in the Google Play Store and One Store by presenting various gifts such as character summons and paid goods.