Black Panther: Wakanda Forever focuses a lot on Wakanda with the clear intention of building the African nation even more than what had been done before in the MCU. However, that does not mean that the film does not expand other parts of the MCU, since IRI Williams’ character is an excellent example of this. So, Who exactly IRI Williams in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Well, has the answer for you right here with this same guide.

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Is Iron heart in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Answered

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever presents the character of IRI Williams in the MCU as a university student who currently attends the MIT, which, in case you have forgotten, is the same school attended by Tony Stark. After discovering by Enamor that the US government has an invention that can help them recover Uranium, Okay and Shari located the scientist, which turns out to be Williams.

Okay and Shari decide to help rescue IRI from Balkans when they discover that he has been building a suit similar to Iron Man’s armor. Unfortunately, Shari and IRI are soon captured by Balkans; However, thanks to Nadia, they are rescued, but one of the Balkan dies in the process.

This enrages Enamor, who floods Wakanda and drowns Ramona and IRI, but the queen spends her last moments saving Williams. Out of respect for his saviors, IRI decides to participate in the final battle against Balkan, with IRI wearing an Iron heart suit made of uranium.

However, despite helping in the final battle, Williams cannot take the suit because it is made of the substance, which means that IRI will need to create another more permanent suit.

In Marvel Comics, IRI becomes the Iron heart superhero, even with the support of Tony himself. He would later be guided by Tony, with an AI taking his place for a while in the comics when he was out of service for a while. While Iron heart is part of the Iron Man’s corner of the comics, he is a character that would attack on his own, undertake his own adventures and join the champions, a group of young superheroes as the young avengers.

Stark is obviously a great inspiration for IRI in the MCU, since he invented his own armor that looks a lot like some of his own Iron Man armor, although it is not yet clear what exactly his relationship with Tony is. Next year, Disney+ is scheduled to release the Iron heart series, a show that will surely explore much more about the character, and probably show a much more permanent suit for the character.

That is all he needs to know when it comes to who is exactly IRI Williams in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Continuation.

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