The Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) expressed its opinion on the controversy over unfair deliberation through a press conference on the 10th. The main games are the classification of the Blue Archive’s youth, and the classification of the Sea 2, which received the total use of the total usage.

The Blue Archive 19-year-old Lee Yong’s deliberation process was the SCSI Dow Izmir Swimsuit and Amazon Leading Division. In the case of this, the Game Committee showed a voice expression and implicit sexual description that the octopus was attached to the lower body and tried to eat himself, and the Amazon Leading version filled the neck and leaned like a dog. He explained that he found to describe an appropriate situation in general teachers and student relationships, such as filling the collar and walking for a walk.

Kim Bamboo, head of the Game Management Committee, said, As a result of monitoring, the illustrations and contents are judged by Article 8 (Selection Standards) of the Classification Standards.

The reason for the late judgment is due to the game monitoring policy of the autonomy of the game. The Game Committee said that if a complaint comes in, it will conduct intensive monitoring for the part. In March, when the swimsuit illustration was released, there was no complaint, and after receiving the complaint in August, I found that I could only confirm the illustration of the illustration.

The Game Committee said, There is a saying that the committee knows that the committee has been late, but it is not possible to play the game from the beginning to the end because it is said that a complaint has come in. I focused on the part where the complaint came in and monitored it, so this time I handled this case, but later on, when a complaint came in, I had no choice but to deal with it again to see it.


Meanwhile, the Sea Sin 2, which was controversial with the similarity with the sea story, explained that it was a capable game that matched the picture that rotated from the left to the left for the mission given at a limited time. This is different from the sea story, which has the result of betting and dividends, and the results are not related to the user’s ability. In addition, unlike the classification of the classification, the classification decision could be canceled if the operation was confirmed through the dog/tamper.