You will find your first secondary activity in God of War Ragnarök quickly, while exploiting the first kingdom, Waldheim, the dwarf land. With an incandescent hole accompanied by an inconvenient boss.

The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the heads that will follow, is to help you overcome them at the maximum difficulty, so that they are relevant to all levels.

Position of Drug Nests and Battle Videos

There are a total of 6 Drug nests at stake, the first is found very quickly and others will emerge as you advance in your adventures. The latter will not be available until just before the end of the main story, so you don’t expect to finish it quickly.

1st well: Waldheim -The foot of the tower of watchman , just above the forge of Sinai. The video at the top of the article.
2nd Axis: Waldheim -Na’s Jasmina Mines , just before saving Try. Look for a side ticket with a large door to open.

3rd well: Álfheimr -A short after the entrance to Scorched Lands , when accessible. You need to release the giant jellyfish and end the sand storm to access the area.

4th well: Anaheim -NA Abandoned village de Freya. You have to rotate a crane to go from one cabin to another, above the water. Then rotate the crane again to reach the central area of the village with a legendary chest and Dräger’s well. But be careful, if you lose in the first pass, you will not be able to visit the area again for a long time.

5th well: Midgard -Sob an ice arch around the Lake of nine . You have to be in control of Rates, there is no need to look for you with Atreus.

6th Polo: Anaheim -Na Crater , the optional area, right north of the kingdom, after saving Fear at the end of the game. You have to open the dam in the jungle to fill the canyons with water, so you can use the boat, to reach the pontoon that leads to the last well.

Defeat Drug

This fire chief is present in each of the 6 wells and is not always al1. He has company half the time. Therefore, it will be necessary to move with intelligence. It is far from easy, especially if you are playing in high difficulty. As it is an optional boss, nothing prevents you from coming back, with better equipment .

In combat with a fullfull fury bar and releasing fury immediately is a good way to quickly kill small secondary enemies . Runic attacks can also accelerate things. If this is not enough, feel free to escape and use the ground to separate the enemies and isolate them. Atreus will usually occupy an enemy, for example.

The Leviathan Ax is best suited for this fight, as it has damage bonuses against enemies of fire. But if you really prefer chaos blades, they are still viable.

Each version of the boss has slightly different attacks and skills , but also have a lot in common. Learn to deal properly with each attack, preferably with a parry when possible, will help you a lot.

List of attacks and how to combat them

Heavy attack (red attack) : Used in melee combat, this attack is relentless and unstoppable, then Esquire and counterattack. But beware of the following attacks, they will have to be trimmed or blocked. Some versions of the fight also have a similar yellow attack that you can divert. Using spartan runes or fury is also viable to interrupt.

Lava counterattack : From the third meeting against the boss, she will regularly make a characteristic eak, which will fill her with a melted lava. It will then shine in ight red . If you are attacked by you, it will explode violently , which can be deadly in melee combat.

Atreus’ attacks do not activate this effect. What makes this skill formidable is that the boss does not hesitate to use it when you are attacking it, which can instantly trigger the effect. Therefore, it is better to avoid staying for a long time on the melee. Perform a large combined attack after having the chance, then leave. Get ready to throw your ax to the boss as soon as he carries to detonate the effect at a distance.

Combined attacks (normal attack) : One of the traps this boss assembles for the player is the duration of his combined attacks. It lasts a long time, so don’t lower the guard. You can trim anything easily, with a little practice. Otherwise, the lock is the easiest.

Powerful load (red attack) : Certainly Drug’s most painful attack, it will carry you with unexpected speed and trigger a powerful attack, followed by a long combo of quick attacks. She likes to throw this attack after dodging one of her attacks, and avoiding automatic segmentation is what helps make her so mortal. The trick is to dodge the flanks, then pass the back, which will make you waste time to turn around. This will give you time to block or trim your next attacks and counterattack.

Flame jet (yellow attack : launches a series of fireballs forming a flame cone in front of the boss. You can trim it to send one of the projectiles back to the boss’s face, but it is easier to avoid-lo.

Recharge : If you play at a high difficulty level, the boss will probably heal and strengthen if you give you the opportunity. It will then extend backwards and shine with a blue flame. It is absolutely necessary to interrupt it with a weapon play or attaches of Atreus. She will recover a little life, and her life bar will be orange if she can launch her technique. Your attacks will become faster and more formidable.


You will receive several items after each fight, this varies according to the progress of the story. The important thing to remember is the chaos flame fragment found every time. You need 6 to get a flame of chaos , which will allow you to finish updating the chaos blades to the fullest if you have the others.