The 13th generation Core processor (Raptor Lake), which was officially released at the end of last month in the domestic assembly PC market, is promoting the AMD Ryzen 7000 processor.

The 13th generation core processor can be used as it is by upgrading the firmware on the H610, B660, and Z690 motherboards released last year.

Currently, the highest sales volume of AMD Ryzen processors is the Ry zen 7 5800x3D, which was released in the first half of this year. Some work performance is lower than the 13th generation core processor, but it uses 3D V cache stacked on the core to improve performance in the game.

■ Motherboard · Memory purchase cost is low Intel product line


As of November, sales of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors, which were released in September, dropped sharply. The upgrade consumers choose Intel 13th generation core i9-13900K processors and Core i5-12600K processors.

This is because the 13th generation core processor currently launched has a better performance in most scenarios such as games, video editing, and office work, with more cores than the same Ry zen 7000 processor.

The fact that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, which was released in late October, was released on various benchmarks that the core i9-13900K processor was better than the Ry zen 9 7950X.

An official of a motherboard distributor said, Intel 13th generation core processor uses the same LGA 1700 socket as the 12th generation core processor released last year. The strength is that it can be used.

However, some H610, B660, and Z690 motherboards currently sold in the market are inventory that firmware updates for compatibility with 13th generation core processors are not in progress. Distributors said, It is necessary to make sure that these motherboards have been updated.

■ High-performance DDR5 memory also increases sales volume

DDR5 memory has also increased since the launch of Intel 13th generation Core processor. The DDR5 memory rated clock defined by the 13th generation core processor is 5400MHz, but high-performance memory, such as DDR5-6400MHz, is a shortage.

An official from a mid-range memory distributor explained, Unlike the DDR5-4800 memory supported by the 12th generation core processor, the DDR5-5400 memory supported by the 13th generation core processor has a great improved performance.

Since the launch of the Ry zen 7000 series in late September, consumers who have been watching the performance of the 13th generation core processor of Intel have started to purchase high-performance memory since the end of October. Did.

As of the 8th, DDR5-4800MHz memory price is around 80,000 won in 16 GB, about 15% more expensive than the same capacity DDR4-3200 memory (around 60,000 won). The official said, If major memory manufacturers, such as Samsung Electronics and SK Unix, make the year-end adjustment for inventory, this gap can be narrowed.

■ ‘Ry zen 7 5800x3D’, which is similar to the game performance as the core i9-13900K

The only AMD Ryzen processor sold in the market is the Ry zen 7 5800x3D, which was released earlier this year. It is characterized by lowering the delay time when accessing the data by uploading frequently used data on the processor, and the performance is equal to the core i9-13900K processor when the game is executed.

It is also an advantage to reduce the cost of building a system compared to the Ry zen 7000 series using DDR4-3200 memory, which is competitive in terms of price. AMD recently lowered the Ry zen 7 5800x3D shipping price to $329 in the US market.

The problem, however, is that it is difficult to find the AM4 main board that can plug this processor from the market.

An official who asked for anonymity explained, Main motherboard manufacturers and distributors are adjusting the old AM4 motherboard shipments to promote the sales of AM5 motherboards compatible with the Ry zen 7000 processor.