Harvested is a gaming that you should spend for many hours. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to save the game in order to avoid loss of progress.

Harvested, unfortunately, from the very beginning does not tell you how to save the game. There are two ways to maintain your progress: auto-preservation that occurs when you go to bed, and the manual method that requires you to search for special statues and interact with them.

The next leadership will tell you more about how and when to save in Harvested.

How to Safe, falling asleep in Harvested

You can maintain your progress in House in AREA from a bird’s eye view . Interact with the bed in your room, and you can fall asleep. When you wake up the next day, your progress in Harvested will be automatically saved until this moment.

Please note that you can save your game by going to sleep already in Chapter 1: The one who is from the outside . You can go to bed as many times as you want. When you get to your first dungeon in Chapter 2: Sign You will discover a new way to maintain progress manually.

To complete some mechanic in Harvested, it takes several days. For example, the construction of a cattle corral takes all day. You can rewind time forward, falling asleep.

It is incredibly important to know that your day ends at midnight in Harvested. If you are engaged in any activity at night, you will be cut down when the clock is pierced 12:00.

How to keep manually with statues Lotus monolith

As soon as you start exploring Canyon Hogan In the second chapter, you will learn about the statues of Lotus Monolith in the game. You can interact with any Lotus Monolith statue in Harvested in order to manually maintain your progress until this moment.

You can also use Lotus Monolith statues to quickly move to any other activated Lotus Monolith statues on the map. Furthermore, you can also use them to teleport back to your home.

That is how you will mainly travel between your quests and farmers. Please note that your farm has a statue of Lotus Monolith. Be sure to keep your game every time you plant the seeds of a new crop.

Harvested gives you several slots for saving files. However, if you manually save the existing file, your previous progress will be lost forever. Therefore, you need to be careful while saving in the game.