Game creator Video Kolyma distributed the 10th audio program BRAIN STRUCTURE at Spotify on November 3. In the program, GEOFF HIGHLY will appear as a guest. The two have revealed the truth about the rumors that have spread often around Kolyma.

BRAIN STRUCTURE is a voice program given by Kolyma. He talks about past works and movies such as the Metal Gear series, and talks about prominent creators from various fields as guests. This time, the 10th, Geoff HIGHLY, who is the leader of The Game Awards and has a close friendship with Kolyma. Under the theme of What is the truth of rumors on the Internet about Kolyma?

First, Kolyma is a creator who is easily subject to gossip. Behind this is the work that has been worked on in the past and the popularity of the person. In Metal Gear Solid V, he performed a rough work such as New work as a fictitious studio, and later announced by spoiled. In Death Stranding, his casual post on his Twitter account was a hint of the new content. Some fans have soils where speculation spreads from trivial information, and it is often the case that the media is taken up. Regarding Mr. Kolyma’s information, there is a background that rumors can easily spread.

In this broadcast, these rumors were specifically given an example, and Kolyma was directly told. For example, it is rumored that Death Stranding was developed as a Google Stadia monopoly, but was canceled by Google’s Hill Harrison. Mr. Kolyma denied this rumor. He said that he had never told Harrison that he wanted to make a sequel, and he was wondering why it was such a rumor.

And HIGHLY also mentions the case involving himself. It is a rumor about the work Abandoned by Blue Box Game Studios. The work is announced as a first-person horror game for PS5. Specifications flew about the mysterious developers and the content of the game. Rumors about this work, Is it a Silent Hill related work? And Is it a new work by Mr. Kolyma? HIGHLY is following a Twitter account of Blue Box Game Studios, Hasan Ahriman’s initials are H.K., the same as Video Kolyma, the same as Video Kolyma. There was one act (related article). The fact that Kolyma had been surprised by the fictitious studio in the past may have spurred this speculation.

However, in this broadcast, Kolyma has completely denied a series of rumors. The BLUE BOX has clearly denied a statement that Kolyma, Silent Hill and ABANDONED are clearly denied. In addition, Kolyma commented on the new announcement by the fictitious studio, I do it once, and I will not do the same. If Abandoned was released, it would be clear that Kolyma was not involved.

Kolyma also mentioned the position of Kolyma Productions led by him in a series of talks. Commenting with many platform holders, he commented that the studio was an indie studio. In addition, there is an offer for acquisitions from around the world for KOLYMA PRODUCTIONS. He revealed that it was presenting a furious expensive. However, he does not want money, but has established a studio to make what he wants to make, so he will not sell the studio while he is alive.

KOLYMA PRODUCTIONS is currently throwing a mystery to fans with a series of teaser visuals (related articles). Is it a new Death Stranding or a sequel or a project other than the game? The mystery is not exhausted, and the fans are impatient. But rumors are just a rumor, and I want to be careful not to be danced.