The new work of Edmond McMillan, famous for Super Meat Boy and Isaac’s burnt developer, has been released. In fact, the project itself was already published 10 years ago through the Team Meat Blog, and now open the Steam page and start developing in earnest.

The title of the game is EUGENICS, which is a turn-based log-like simulation genre that breeds, raises, and trains hundreds of cats. In the game, you need to develop cats with more than six classes and more than 50 unique abilities, and to proceed with quests with more than 200 enemies and bosses.

In the training part, it is necessary to raise the level of the house to create a space for more cats and bring in furniture, and in the process, it is also possible to obtain a cat with a mutation or good lineage. The battle is a turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based, which can be used to use more than 100 unique items that can be used for combat and development.


Eugenic is scheduled to launch ‘2024 one day (good)’.