On October 30, a domestic game developer, the Steam store page of Ashen was released. This work is scheduled to be released in 2023 for PC (Steam).


As Electric is a belt scroll dance battle game that tries to save the world by defeating enemies by dancing. The hero of this work, Aka, is a girl with amnesia who has fallen by breaking the sky. Too is taught a dance to the girl Tobago on the stage, and is possessed by its charm. In again, Akash recalls his mission and tries to fight the enemy in dancing to save the world while confronting the violence. On the other hand, the conversion of the characters collided, and the situation was extremely confused. The battle of girls mixed with psychic power and dance will take place.

Taiga fights the enemies and girls on the stage in dance. According to the Steam Store page, the Belt Scroll Boss Battle, which has been simple and lightly rebuilt, will be developed in this work. The girls who appear as the boss will launch an attack using psychic powers to Aka. Take is basically attacked by the body while avoiding the enemy’s attack. By hitting, the boss’s HP is cut.

Also, if the boss’s physical strength is sufficiently reduced, it will be possible to dance with the boss. In the dance, a rhythm ATE that matches the BGM occurs. It is said that the opponent explodes by dancing the dance to the end of successful input. In the boss battle, the last will be decorated in dancing based on the battle on a deep stage. In addition, on the scroll stage where small fish enemies awaits, they will dance in another form. It seems that you can take advantage of the dancing, such as swinging enemies by dancing and involving another enemy.

Mr. Takata, a domestic game developer, is working on this work. His past work has released STG AISLES and the belt scroll work Outscore. In Hume Nuclear, the status very popular was obtained with 96 % of Steam’s 135 user reviews at the time of writing the article. In this work, a hospitalized girl was trying to solve things with violence in a dream, and a psychedelic world was developed as a belt scrolling action. Even in this work A Electric, it seems that you can expect unique characters. Mr. Takata will also participate in Digit Expo 2022, which will be held at Akihabara UDP on November 13. It seems that the new trial version of A Electric will be distributed on the DL card at the booth E-22A.

Sub-power is scheduled to be released in 2023 for PC (Steam). In Steam, a sale of past works is being carried out according to the Steam store page release. Until November 7, Hume nuclei and AISLES can be purchased for 364 yen, 30 % off.