While the saga return to the future does not seem to have one of many remakes or reboots that are so fhionable in recent years and its director sentenced, Robert Yemenis , a few years ago-, it does not seem crazy that in the future the return of a film brand that is already part of popular culture back to the future. And this h already thought one of its main protagonists, the famous Michael J. Fox , whose idea of a remake is that she is starring a girl in the role of Marty McFly Your possible female version. This is collected by the Entertainment Weekly medium after interviewing the interpreter.

If they did again, Marty should be a girl

Thus, after remembering his recent and emotional reunion with the actor Christopher Lloyd -in the role of also iconic Doctor Emmett Brown , doc for friends-, Michael J. Fox Ha Ha Reflected on a possible return to the future, the redundancy is worth: In fact, I thought that if they made the film again, they should do it with a girl like marty . There is something in the saga that connects people to all levels. I feel that it will be like that again, says the actor.


And despite the controversy that surrounds sex or ethnicity changes in films or series characters with respect to their original versions, Michael J. Fox believes that the saga goes beyond its characters or interpreters and already It is something that is part of popular culture: People not only like and remember it, but it celebrates and hugs it and tattoo my face in my leg, and I mean that it is crazy, but in in The good sense **, acknowledges Fox.

I love it and I have only been able to hug him in a way. It is not that he rejected him before, or that he w not proud of it, but he did not fully understand how much people related to him, how much it meant to them , in reference to the enormous success of the movies and how they have transcended throughout the decades.