The Festival of the Lost of Destiny 2 has many great weapons at stake, and you are probably asking how you can get some of the best quickly and easily. That is why we are here to guide you How to get the Horror Story automatic rifle in Destiny 2.

How to get the History of Terror during the Destiny 2 Lost Festival

Disappeared for a while now, Horror Story is a legendary automatic rifle that many expected it to reappear this year during the Festival of the Lost.

To acquire this automatic rifle, all you need to do is log in to the game at any time during the event and eliminate some goals.

The first thing is the first, find and speak with Eva Levant with a character that has at least 770 power and moves on and mark the first steps of the Festival of the Lost Missions. You will not be able to jump directly to the enchanted forest this year, so be sure to move on and do it first before grinding.

Once the enchanted forest has unlocked, it has the possibility of achieving randomized horror stance rolls, through the Cipher caches recently introduced. Decoders to unlock these caches are obtained through random falls in the world and activities completed outside the enchanted forest.

These decoders are used to open caches in the enchanted forest that, when they open, have the possibility of containing a random handle of Horror Story. The caches can be found at the end of their execution, and can open so many that they are there for those who have decoders.

See our complete guide on how to get encryption decoders right here if you are looking to get as many horror stories as possible.

That is all to know about How to get the history of terror during the Destiny 2 Lost Festival. To get more information about the event, see our guides on how to get strange chocolate coins and how to get sweets.

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