A Plague Tale Requiem is an exciting adventure action movie and a continuation of the Plague Tale games series available on PC and free for Xbox Game pass. Continue the history of alias and Hugo, as they face new threats and problems with plague rats and impending enemies. This continuous history includes so many new functions, from an expanded battle to more extensive and unique locations. When you finish the storyline, you can experience yourself in an even more complex gameplay, increasing the complexity and returning to the new Plus game.

Is there New Game Plus in A Plague Tale Requiem?

Plague Tale Requiem allows you to use the New Game Plus modes after the end of the story. This means that you can restart the game at a higher level of complexity using the same saving file. Using the New Game Plus will allow you to maintain all the equipment and skills from your first passage, deducting the items of progress that you get at certain points in history. When you enter the new plus game, you are blocked on the maximum complexity, which means that it will be more difficult for you to go through all functions and battles.

How to start a new game plus in A Plague Tale Requiem

You can restart the game in the New Game Plus through the saving file menu. All you need to do is choose the finished game file and click e on PC, d on Xbox or triangle on PlayStation Creating a new file in the new saving file, which will be the New Game mode Plus.

The New Game Plus is a wonderful function that allows you to go through the plot several times, which makes the game of worthwhile or the spent time and gives a challenge to a more complex and exciting gameplay. Take part in the storyline on the maximum complexity and, perhaps, find new surprises and features that you missed in your first passage.

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