‘Wound World’. October 5th Wind Country: It is a keyword from the annual showcase. In the showcase, which has been changed rapidly and changing, the showcase also mentioned a number of contents that could change the foundation, such as the improvement of various contents that were previously left or not used, and the full policy review of the PVP, which was mentioned. In the showcase, which was more than two and a half hours, the contents of the new contents were only a part of Baked Mountain, 5th promotion, Must, and World Siege, but they would improve their long accumulated problems and remarks on their direction. Sent. In the tory, I interviewed Kim Jong-un in an interview with Kim Jong-un, the country of wind that could not speak in the showcase: The willingness to improve, the future direction, and the introduction of new contents.

■ Country of Wind: In the second half of the year, the foundation and communication, the change of the process

Q. The theme of this showcase was the ‘wound world’. Why did you take this theme in more detail?

I mentioned during the showcase, but it means that the world of the world is surprisingly changed. First, we showed a change in communication, and users responded greatly to that. But we seemed to have not shown a big change in the game besides communication. In this showcase, I wanted to tell you how to change in the game besides communication. So I put out the theme of the wound world.

Q. Something changes as shown in the word wound world written in the letter and showcase title. What is the reason why you have tried boldly even though it is hard to work immediately after taking office from the point of view of the new director?

= The direction of our development team has been focused on new fun, new fun. However, when I listen to the user’s story, the temperature difference between what the development team thought was too big. So it would be better to match the direction the users wanted, and I thought I should reduce the difference. The word of the wound world is the country of the wind: Rather than changing the kite to new things, it is possible to see the aspirations that the results of operation and development have changed significantly.

It’s good to appeal to new things, but I’ve already realized that changes in communication have been effective for users in the short term. In fact, users felt greater satisfaction in the new system of communication than the new system. In fact, the Wind Country: A lot of systems have been developed in the last two years, and they have not been working properly. Many users could not enjoy it, or I couldn’t use it properly, and I thought it would be possible to catch the base of the game even if I fixed it. I did.

Q. Wind Country: It is said that it will reduce the number of overtime checks of the kite, but the users cheered on the remarks and said that it would be possible. I wonder if I have found a way to solve this problem, which has been sluggish for the past two years.

It is correct to say that you did not find a creative solution, but that you have built a process for maintenance. What I felt while experiencing live services for a long time was that stability should be the most important and bass.

To be stable, you need a process that suits you to cope with what’s going on in the process. However, it seems that we have not been able to specify and maintain the process so much. So this time, the schedule was set in consideration of the time to plan in advance and to predict the after-update, the time to think about the internal, and the test schedule. In order to match the process, the overall schedule coordination has been rebuilt, and the test process and stability process have been created and applied.

Of course, the variable remains. In the meantime, there are some plays between the accumulated things, and if you add something, you often have side effects. In addition, patch stability is getting better as it is solved inside. There’s something in recent years, but there’s nothing critical, and the side effects are expected to get better. The side effects have been determined by the time to check, and the stability is further solidified.

Q. In this showcase, I tried to do it myself. The country of the wind that I had previously appeared in the showcase: It wouldn’t have been a play, but why did you mention this more often?

= It was a little while joining, but I think I talked so much. Personally, I thought I had to know the game best to direct, and like a real user, I did a lot of kites. In the process, I mentioned in the showcase what was lacking and uncomfortable. First, I wanted to know it, I wanted to fix it well.

Of course, the previous directors or the developers didn’t play the game. I think it’s what we’ve needed to fix the inconveniences and change the inconvenience while playing the game, and we’ll have to do it faithful to it.

Q. In order to change the basis of the growth process in the showcase, it was said that it was rewritten in the existing region, which was repaired in order to change the basis of the growth process itself. In the development process, it is easier to add new newly than to fix the existing one, but it was not an expression of the intention of fixing the existing content accordingly without stopping it. It’s easy to see the foundation of content and growth structure itself, but it’s not really difficult. If you go wrong, the code may be tangled from the beginning, and even if it is improved, the existing heavy users can’t feel well and are inefficient. But what did you do in this showcase?

In the case of growth, the target is not targeted at any specific user, but for the entire user from new to heavy. Growth is the country of the wind: The biggest goal of all user layers. If you build a system linked to existing content and other items, it would be an effective way to quickly get the results you want on each floor.

We have built a lot of systems, and there are many areas that are blocked because it does not work properly. I thought I should circulate this, and I should have a stable and heterogeneous feeling. Rather than adding new things, it seemed to have a stable foundation for long-term services.

Trying in a new area is applied to existing areas. However, it is not a priority to the new region, but it will build a new system at the time of the new region. Of course, when adding a new area, it is true that it will show the improvement of improvement by receiving feedback from the existing regions.

■ From each content, such as the trees of Winston, to the re-examination of the PVP direction, the infrastructure is established

Q. There was also a review of the entire contents of the contents, such as Winston’s Horn bottle, but I wonder when it was going on.

-The first thing I saw after coming to the director was Winston’s horizon. After listing all the existing contents as well as Winston’s horror bottle, we checked how to service and how the users responded to the reward. The first of them is Winston’s horizon, and I looked at the other parts.

The direction of the direction seems to have been continued every week. It seems that discussing the direction of direction has become a culture, and it seems to have been a support to promise how to improve by telling users about their intentions and plans.

In Winston’s Horn bottle, the middle and lower middle users were particularly dissatisfied, especially when I listened to the alarm, and I was dissatisfied because it was disappeared or lost. I checked this and announced the improvement at the showcase, and afterwards, I went back to the intentions that I planned at first. How can I make it more fun based on it? Every time I think about the data and try to try.

Q. I will review the direction of PVP in the last showcase, but what do you want to review?

= I wanted to review the PVP policy. Is PVP stimulating emotions through battles between users and users? However, the country of wind: The kite is currently unilateral PVP, but it is difficult to take revenge because it is a multichannel structure. However, there is no function to chase the user. Since it is such a PVP situation, it doesn’t seem to lead the emotional part properly, and I can’t care. In short, it’s not perfect, so I think that issues or dissatisfaction keeps coming out.

Therefore, we are in the process of re-examining our game’s unique PVP rules and enjoying the fun. If you die unilaterally and chase behind it and revenge or do anything, you will be unilaterally harassed and the end. There must be something that can alleviate or respond to it, and we are examining all of them.

Q. In this showcase, it is said that it is a way to preserve the value of existing users while reducing the gap between ‘growth’. It seems to be necessary more explanation.

= The country of wind