Developer Volition announced on October 11 a future update policy for Rainbow . The first major update is expected to be in late November, and is focused on focusing on bugs and improving game experiences.

Rainbow is the latest work that will be the reboot of the Rainbow series. Set in a fictitious city of Santa Cleo, located in the southwestern United States, the protagonist is a boss of a criminal organization, Saint. A rich customization element such as character creations and vehicles, and stories that mix black humor and seriously serious.

According to the update policy announced by the developer this time, the first major update for this work will be in late November. Currently, this work is based on feedback from users and reporting problems, to improve game experiences. The November update seems to reflect such a modified content as much as possible.

In this update, more than 200 bugs are scheduled to be modified, and stability is expected to be improved. It is said that there are particular emphasis on improving the stability of cooperative play. The bugs that have occurred in cooperative plays have been recognized, and it seems that initiatives for corrections are progressing. It is said that it is also working on improvements on the progress and methods in the game, which can be played in the game, about the lack of explanations in the game.

In this update, QOL (ease of play) reflects the voice of the user will be implemented. It seems that some activities and challenges are adjusted to more playful things. In addition, it is said that vehicle management and vibration function have been attempted to improve. According to the developer, the adjustment point for the improvement of the QOL is only a corner of the iceberg, and its efforts will continue in the future.

As described above, the update policy of this work is focused on improving gameplay, not new content. On the other hand, some additional elements are scheduled within 2022. Starting with that, the free decorative item pack FRONT TO BACK pack is currently being distributed. Further, free decorative items packs are expected to be distributed this year, and some more decorative items will be distributed for the expansion pass owners. The expansion pass is currently included with Gold, Platinum and the Motors Edition of Rainbow, but it will be possible to purchase individually later this month.

It is said that long-term support is planned for Sandro. New story content will be distributed after 2023. It is said that the expansion pass owner will be offered at no extra charge and can be purchased individually. It is said that free new content such as new areas of the city will be distributed.

Overseas review accumulation site Metacritic’s metascore is a reputation that divides the pros and cons. The main problems include the large number of bugs and the monotonous mission. In response to such indications, the update policy of this work seems to be the point of improving the game experience first. After improving the base game play, new content will be added.

Sandro is on sale for PC (Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The first large update of this work, including corrections of many problems, will be distributed in late November.