Rat is a traffic police hero who can apply tons of damage in a short period of time. At the moment, it is not as popular as several years ago, and it can rarely be seen in a professional game. However, it is very interesting to use it on casual servers. He is especially strong against the new players, because they do not know how to resist him.

In this leadership, we will talk about everything that concerns the rat; His abilities, advice and techniques of its use, changes in his abilities and much more!

* Explanation of rat abilities *

* complete lawlessness
* After death, the rat dumps several bombs, which immediately explode and cause damage to the enemies who found themselves in their radius of action.

* Branding mine
* Rat Races throws a mine that can be blown up with a second activation of the ability. You can also use them to move on the map, rolling on their shock wave. This ability is similar to Raze from Valorant.

* Steel trap
* Racks of rat-shoulder-this is a large bear trap, any enemy that passes above it becomes a cripple for a short time.

* Rip-Tire
* After activation, the rat launches the tire with the spikes that the player can control. This tire can blow up the player, or it will automatically explode in 10 seconds. Keep in mind that the tire can be destroyed by enemies, and the rat man can be killed while he is busy with the control of the tire.

* Tips and cunning of rats *

  • Use a shock mine and for movement. Many players use them only to apply damage, but these mines are great for penetration into impudent places and jumping on your enemies.
  • Damage in the area that a rat can be inflicted is insane. For this reason, sit so that you can throw explosives into narrow places where enemies usually build. Use chaos in your interests and use AOE abilities.
  • This is a classic: a combination of a steel trap and a deafening mine returns! You can drop a steel trap, and then install a deafening mine on it. The poor enemy who steps on this trap awaits bad times.
  • Your task as a DPS player is to inflict as much damage as possible to the enemy. One key thing you can do is destroy enemy shields, while attacking them at the same time. Aiming these shields, and you will achieve more success.

* Finally, the ratthemite of the rat is the strongest part of his set. RIP-Tire can apply more than 600 units of damage. This can kill most of the heroes in the game. Be sure to blame the RIP bus between the crowd of enemies, if possible, for the maximum effect.

* The best settings of the rat’s sight *

The rat one does not need to be aim very accurately, like a Heinz or Cassidy. Therefore, you can avoid most crosses. The one we would like to use is cross + . This works for most agents, including rats.

* The best cosmetics for rats *

Cosmetics are purely personal preferences. Nevertheless, a set of cosmetics that we personally like to use is given below.

Skin: Dr. Junketing

Emotion: I can’t figure it out

souvenir: pineapple pizza

Victory pose: Bad for your health

Highlight the introduction: pushing the nucleus

* rat change in Overwatch 2 *

The rat is very similar to what it was in Overwatch 1, except several minor improvements.

  • The size of the Frag Launcher shell is increased from 0.2 to 0.25.
  • Damage to the steel trap and the speed of the projectile are increased from 80 to 100 and from 10 to 15, respectively.
  • A new passive has been added: for each murder, a rat for a short time receives a slight acceleration in the movement and reloading speed.