The most cult royal battle in games, Fortnite , has always been known for his incredibly diverse wardrobe of skins. Covering many cult franchises from Marvel to Dragon Ball, Epic Games constantly adds new unique images to the game so that players can enjoy them. One of these unique images is aptly called goat , but how to unlock this link to Goat Simulator 3?


how to unlock the skin of Goat Simulator 3 Fortnite

Buy Goat Simulator 3 in the Epic Games store.

The way to unlock the goat skin is through the Epic Games store. Just go to the Epic Games launch program, find Goat Simulator 3, and if you are ready to fork out for $30 per game, you can return to Fortnite and immediately jump into the game in the role of Pilot, the protagonist of Goat Simulator. It is noteworthy that it is noteworthy Whether the skin will be added to the in-game store, so this may be the only way for players to get a skin.

Can I buy Goat Simulator 3 on another website and get a skin?

Although it is unlikely, since all Fortnite players have an EPIC Games launch program, some players may want to buy Goat Simulator 3 from another source at a lower price. Unfortunately, in this case, players will not receive the skin since the purchase should be made through Epic Games.

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