Magilumic Orb is the bizarre name call balls, which are called in The Airfield Chronicle. After accumulating a sufficient amount of TP from enemies and on the map, you will get the opportunity to call on great creatures such as Bahamas to help you. Although they are strong enough to heal all your allies to complete HP or destroy most of the mobs, you may be interested in whether they can do more.

How to increase the level of Maximum orbs in The Airfield Chronicle

You can improve Magilumic Orbs after you open the Magilumic Orb research center. You need about from 2,500 GB to 5,000 GB (depending on how many spheres you unlocked) and Jade . Each call will have its own tree of improvements.

The Magilumic Orb research center will automatically open during your first main quest chain. A person who should offer an update is the same researcher who controls the skills tree.

As you go through the chapters, you will have the opportunity to increase the rank of an object. Increasing the level of your object will have the following effects:

* The second level : opens engravings for studying the magic sphere.

* Third level : increases the maximum amount of TP per unit.

The fourth level *: Open more engravings for studying the magic sphere.
Fifth level *: increases the maximum amount of TP per unit.

Researchers of the institute will require a lot of guilds as compensation, so make sure that you have extra money.

The best calls for improvement in The Airfield Chronicle

Invest resources only in the calls that you often use. But if you need a recommendation, Bahamas as well as Henri are the best call for investment at the beginning of the game. The expensive healing that Gold horn gives can be covered with wizards.

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