_ Final Fantasy XIV It reached the market originally in 2010, and since then it has reached PS3, PS4, PS5 and PC. In this way, many wonder if the MMORPG will one day be available on Xbox consoles. Fortunately, Phil Spencer still does not give up with this goal.

In 2019, the Xbox chief pointed out that he was doing everything possible so that the players of their consoles have access to this Final Fantasy delivery. Three years after this statement, the promise has not been fulfilled. In this way, spencer was questioned by Game Watch, half Japanese, about the arrival of mmorpg to xbox. This was what he commented:

Naturally, we have not yet surrendered. This is a commitment from Microsoft and Square Enix with the players, and we will continue to coordinate our efforts.


For his part, Naomi Yeshiva, director of final fantasy XIV, has mentioned that This game will not reach Xbox consoles until two specific issues are resolved . This was what he pointed out:

To play an MMORPG [in Xbox], there are two regulations for Microsoft that get in the way to make cross-play feasible. Unless these regulations are rejected, it makes no sense.

Currently, are unknown what these two regulations are , but considering that Final Fantasy XIV still does not be available in Xbox, it is very likely that these issues are still not resolved. In related issues, it has been revealed why Final Fantasy XVI is not an open world game. Similarly, a fantasy vii remake_ demand is now available.

Editor’s note:

I would like to see Final Fantasy xiv on Xbox consoles. Considering that Phantasm Star Online 2, another popular MMORPG, can be enjoyed on this platform, it is very likely that the two issues mentioned by Yeshiva are very specific details that do not have a simple solution.