The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Series (CEO: Etc Sham Lava) opened the ‘Steel Series Experience Zone’ in the Any PC room located in Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, as part of the strengthening of consumer experience. I said it was.

The Any PC room, located in the Inchon Main Commercial Area in Seoul, has been deployed not only the new lineup of the steel series, but also its popularity of its premium gaming mouse, keyboard and headset. In particular, gamers who visit the PC room through the Steel Series Brand Experience Zone in the Premium PC Room can use the premium gaming device products more freely.

In particular, the & U PC room is located in Inchon geographically, allowing extensive marketing, not local, and high accessibility. It is also a large PC room that forms a multi-layered structure, which is easy to use the steel series gaming device experience zone in a large space. When purchasing a premium gaming device, the gamers’ experience of touching and using in person, such as game style, grip, and response speed, is more important than anything else.


Currently, the Steel Series is strengthening consumer experiences and diversifying offline channels so that customers can meet and purchase products in various marketplaces. The company has established a product experience zone in E-Mart Electron Mart and Honda Alan, and is continuously strengthening consumer experiences in Never Shopping Live and Premium Listening Shop Scheherazade.

The Steel Series is the top priority to introduce the most suitable gaming device for gamers as a core value of ‘for glory’. To this end, it has been collaborating with professional athletes since 2002, and has been introducing various gaming gear through the process of product ideas, design, testing, and verification. After signing an official headset partnership with the T1 Pro Game Team in August last year, the Steel Series, which signed a partnership with Longship Red Force, expanded the opportunity to experience the various products that led the professional gamers to victory. I plan to go.

Lee Hye-kyung, president of Steel Series Korea, said, We will continue to develop differentiated promotional strategies in connection with the infrastructure of PC rooms that can use the needs of domestic gamers and use them for a long time. I am happy to introduce steel series products to gamers.

Meanwhile, the steel series will hold an offline event for gamers visiting to commemorate the opening of the Inchon & U PC room brand experience z1. If you experience the Dem ozone in Inchon & U PC room until October 31 and follow the official SNS account of the steel series, the steel series Arctic Nova 7 (1 person), Prime Mini Wireless Mouse (2), QC EDGE Give an XL mouse pad (5 people). This event will add another pleasure in the steel series brand experience zone.