Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the content of THE wandering village released on STRAY FAWN STUDIO and WHISPERGAMES on September 15, 2022, The wandering village released in early access.

What is The wandering village?

A town planning simulation set in the earth where poisonous spores continue to invade the world. The protagonists and friends who have continued their wandering journey in search of a safe place will meet the giant creature OMB and build a base on their backs.

As a leader of the village, the player will secure resources such as food, manage facilities, and provide instructions to workers. OMB is moving around the world, so the adventure stage changes to various areas, such as grasslands, deserts, and poisonous areas. The trick is to survive the growth and research of crops according to the environment.

It is important not only for the village people, but also on the OMB care that uses your back. Building a trusting relationship, such as providing food to the OMB, can be a strange symbiotic relationship that helps each other. Also, depending on the play style, it may be a parasitic relationship that takes a resource from the OMB…?

Approach the actual content of The wandering village!

The game can be selected from the three difficulty levels of beginners, intermediate, and master. As the difficulty rises, the environment becomes more severe from the beginning, but you must first learn the rules of this world. Difficulty and beginners also serve as a tutorial, so let’s play here first.

The navigation of the tutorial is the appearance that looks like you’ve seen it somewhere. His notebook is a basic explanation of the game, and in this difficulty, he will teach you how to launch the village to dealing with troubles that occur in the game in a mission format.

The first thing to do is the construction of a house. There is a happiness of the residents in the game, and the residence gives various benefits. Use the wood that is not enough for the tent installation on the back of the OMB. Convenient OMB.

Players create villages using menus to give instructions to residents, such as architecture and harvest. Harvesting can be used not only for resources from trees and stones, but also for destruction of unnecessary plants that are no longer grown. You can also change the behavior of the residents to some extent by specifying the work with the priority tool.

A player who has successfully set up houses and farms according to the tutorial. From now on, a journey to the world will begin on the back of the OMB.

The end of an endless journey. First, secure happiness.

The player’s village has 16 friends at the start of the game. First, in order to ensure their happiness, we must first secure a stable life. In addition to growing beets on the first farm installed, let’s create a facility to collect berry trees growing on the back of the OMB. You also need a grocery storage and a kitchen.

An important factor in this work is the personnel allocation. The installed facilities will be refilled by residents who are free by specifying the number of operating people. If you have a lot of personnel, you will naturally increase efficiency, so let’s start with a stable food at first to secure a stable food. Since the residents have no concepts such as occupation levels, they do not need to grow experts, and anyone can do any work.

As you develop your back on your back to some extent, you will notice that the materials that can be secured will still be limited. Therefore, the important thing is the expedition. The expedition will explore the forests and archeological sites of the world map and find resources and immigration applicants. Sometimes the players choose events, and if you are unlucky, the expedition can be seriously injured.

In addition, if you can create a facility Laboratory, you will be able to study technology. Studies will allow you to create facilities that produce advanced resources and unlocks for crops, as well as facilities that care for ONB. In addition, some studies require knowledge points brought back by the expedition.

The town planning part is a relatively orthodox system. It is a little busy to allocate the personnel, but when making a clinic, it is safe to teach the basics of human management, such as There are no sick people now, so there are 0 people. Consider increasing the number of residents as much as possible while you can afford the food to operate the facility.

The fate of the village is with OMB!

The most distinctive thing in this work is the presence of the OMB. OMB walks with his own will with the players on his back. In the game, three screens are prepared, Village, OMB, and World Map, and the information obtained is different.

It is important to remember while traveling is the huge and help us, but as us, it is a living creature on the earth. OMB is also weakened by poisonous spores that are widespread on the earth, and needs meals and sleep in the first place. If you have a mushroom in the map, you can see a meal slowly, and if you get sleepy, you will stop and sleep.

Players can feed, stroke their heads, and cure illness by conducting research on the OMB. By taking care and building a trusting relationship, players can make proposals to OMB. If you can decide the destination of the striking road, it will be easier to choose a biome, and you can stop the ONB foot and wait for the storm to pass.

Biomes are very important to survive in this work. In the desert, there are limited ways to secure water, and food cannot be secured unless you can make an environment-suitable crop. Also, in toxic areas, the inhabitants and clinics are needed because they are affected not only in the residents but also on the ONB. In addition, it can avoid troubles that can be seen at the end of the divided road, such as toxic plants on the back of the OMB.

Of course, as explained at the beginning, it is possible to have a parasitic life. In the research, shocking things are also available, such as Blood Sausage that removes blood from the ob, and a facility that collects materials by hitting the back of the OMB **. Of course, they lower their trust with the OMB, but it may be interesting to live thoroughly on their backs.

This work will become harsh and difficult to secure resources by proceeding with play. Will you protect the OMB in front of you when the village falls into a real pinch? Or…

The wandering village has been introduced so far. The fusion of a relatively orthodox city building element and the setting of building a relationship while living on the back of a giant creature is very attractive as a game system and a world view.

It is also a good impression that the tutorial is polite and easy to understand. You can enjoy playing with a low difficulty and a desperate survival in a harsh environment.

Early access period is scheduled for more than one year. At this time, the game system has been completed, but the content will be expanded, such as the addition of new biome, buildings and story scenarios for the product version. In the future, we plan to support controllers.

THE wandering village is being distributed with Steam early access.

Title: The wandering village
Compatible models: PC (Steam)

Play model in the article: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 15, 2022 (Steam early access)
Author play time at the time of writing: 6 hours
Price: 2,570 yen