Amy Nick, who leads the series from Nat hi Dog to Uncharted 3 and continues his new work in Sky Dance New Media. The new identity is a Marvel game with Captain America and Black Panther.

Disney unveiled a new work developed by Sky Dance New Media using Marvel IP in an online showcase on the 10th. The trailer of this work, which depicts World War II, raised the atmosphere by listing backgrounds, music, and various symbols of the time. Since then, he has shown a German uniform hat with a hydra pattern and shows a wounded shield, foretelling the team up of Captain America and Black Panther.

Disney released the game teaser video, but did not reveal the title of the launch platform, release date or even the game. However, Sky Dance introduced this work as an AAA game that will showcase its original story based on Marvel Universe. In addition to Captain America and Black Panther, it also contains the silhouette of soldiers and warriors of Wakanda who participated in World War II. In the actual video, he also emphasized four heroes and two worlds.

This work is said to be based on the team’s upcoming ‘Flags of our Fathers’, which depicts the performance of Captain America and Black Panther. As the times are the times, the grandfather of the Black Panther Shall, who knows the fans well, plays as a black panther. In addition, the appearance of Hoping Commando and Red Skull with Captain can be expected.

Amy Hence, who leads the Sky Dance New Media Department, has been a veteran who has been a game industry since the 1980s, led the series as a creative director and main writer of Nazi Dog’s Uncharted 1, 2 and 3. After his ability in his various works, he received a lifetime award at the GDC Awards and participated as a co-author in Square Enix’s new work, POS BOSUN.

Disney said it will release detailed information about the game later. Meanwhile, Sky Dance is also developing Star Wars Adventure games with Lucasfilm Games in addition to Marvel-based games.