A new gameplay video of Mario+Rapid Battle Kingdom, ‘Mario+Laid Shining Hope’, was released.

The Mario + Rapid series is a strategic RPG created by Ubisoft and Nintendo in collaboration. This game is also a unique strategic RPG with various characters such as Luigi and Rapid Peach, dressed up by the major characters of the Mari-series such as Mario, Luigi, Peach Princess, and Pupa, and Rapid’s mascot of Ham ken Ubisoft.

‘Mario+Laid Shining Hope’, which is scheduled to be released on October 20, was released for the first time in June 2021. Born’s evil forces try to occupy Spica, a mysterious being, and deal with the adventures of Mario’s party to prevent them.

The video released this time contains the game play of the flower boss on the train. The player must grasp the ability of each hero and grasp the weaknesses of the enemies and point out the core points of the boss fight. Because the heroes are all different, they can use the attributes of heroes and control of the military in battle so that they can use a more effective combat strategy.

In the video, new enemies appeared, or more powerful enemies were captured if they did not proceed quickly. In addition, Mario attacks the definite weak point of the boss, which is a boss, or you can also see the skills of Laid Rosellini, where other colleagues attract attention and approach them with stealth.

‘Mario+Laid Glittering Hope’ will be released as the Nintendo Switch platform on October 20. For more information, you can find out on the Nintendo Store page.